New beginnings (What a cliché?)

I guess if you are reading is you somehow made it to my blog and you’re reading the first post I ever wrote. That is a fact so you should probably ignore the I guess in the beginning of this paragraph. (Just casually saying, knowing that you already did that

I am not very good at beginnings, or endings on the same note. Actually I’m not really sure I am even good at anything at all, but that is something just I should worry about.
Just a look at this blank white space that I need to fill up with words coming from my mind is kind of scaring me, but still words are flowing on it’s own, yet nothing seem so make sence.

This is going to be the part where I explain what is this blog even about. (So you can skip the part where I just babble to myself.)

I wanted a platform where I can express myself by writing and through something I very much love to do. And that will be fashion. When it comes to fashion it’s good to be a little bit weird and a lot different then others, because things that set you appart are the things that make you YOU, if you get what I mean.
From now on this site is going to be a place where I can just show everyone who I am in just words, and simply my fashion style. 

SO GOOD BYE FOR NOW, MY FRIENDS (if anyone is even reading)


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