Sunday Review: Bourjois Healthy Mix correcting concealer

Today on Sunday Review I am reviewing Bourjois Healthy Mix correcting concealer


After I used every little drop of my Wake Me Up concealer I thought that I would never find anything like it and I obviously couldn’t repurchase it since there are no place in my country that has Rimmel products.I was so wrong. When I went shopping with my friend I decided to go into the nearest drugstore and pick up a concealer and that’s when I have stumbled upon this one. I bought it and instantly fell in love with it. The consistency of it is amazing, the smallest amount which is possible to take out of the tube is enough to cover my under eye area and every other redness. It also has a beautiful sent because it apparently has some fruit mix (apricot and raspberry) in it. Coverage is amazing and on days when my skin is good I only wear this concealer. When I first saw it I though that it’s extremely small but don’t be fooled by packaging, this tube contains 10 ml and Wake Me Up concealer has only 7 ml.

Only downside is that it is somewhat expensive for a drugstore product, but it’s still affordable enough for me to actually buy it. And I also prefer the Wake Me Up concealer only for its applicator, but this is a close second.


SO GOOD BYE FOR NOW, MY FRIENDS (if anyone is even reading)

6 thoughts on “Sunday Review: Bourjois Healthy Mix correcting concealer

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