How to be more organized?

I have always been punctual but now when I run a blog with hundreds of other
things, I noticed a struggle of having less time to do everything I had to do,
so I decided to organize everything I could in order to use my
time as well as I possibly could.

So this is my way of being organized in few small tips. Hope you find them helpful.

  1. Make a calendar.
    My calendar plan for February

    My calendar plan for February

    I find it easy to make and very helpful since I can look at everything I have to do that day. You don’t have to make plans for everything it could be just about your chores or like me about future blog posts. You can download a template from internet and then just fill it out. It looks cute and it helps. You cannot go wrong with that!

  2. Prepare everything.
    That means that you pack your bag in the evening, pick your clothes and accessorizes etc. for the next day in the evening before. This way in the morning you’ll only have to put some makeup and clothes on and eat something.
  3. On the go!
    If you don’t have enough time to eat in the morning please DO NOT miss your breakfast. You can make a smoothie in the morning or even the night before and put it in the fridge (it literally takes 2 minutes to prepare). If you eat on the go you will still have just the right amount of energy that will keep you concentrated on your tasks and that means no procrastination or what so ever.
  4. Plan breaks.
    When you study at home or you are doing some work plan when you will take a break. This will also decrease the amount of procrastination and you will have something to look forward do while you work.
  5. Do some work before.
    If you know that you have a huge task to do next week, start doing it before. I usually write my post (or most of it) for Tuesday on the weekend while I have time, so I only have the last touches to edit on the actual publication day.
  6. If you think you need a break take it!
    No matter what you are doing if you feel sick or hungry or just too tired, take a break. There is no point doing something while you are like this because you probably won’t to a very good job. And in the end your mental and physical health are the most important!
  7. Award yourself.
    When you finish your essay eat that piece of cake you’ve been saving for something special. When you get a good great or a compliment on your work go out on a coffee with your friends. Buy yourself something little, like a ring when you nail that assignment and etc. That way you are going to keep your good work!
  8. Make a routine.
    The same way you wake up everyday at perhaps 6:30, check your email at 13:00, do your homework at 17:00, take a break at 18:30 etc. This way your brain will have a clear knowledge of work time and rest time.
  9. Get your sleep.
    Everyone knows that sleep is important for a lot o things, and one of them is energy and concentration and those two things are very crucial for organizing your life.
  10. Know your limits.
    If you know that you cannot do 2 essays and prepare for a test just in one day that do some work the day before. Don’t overwork yourself and multitask because that kind of work is never your best and it doesn’t really show what are you capable of.

Those are some of the tips I discovered that help me and I think they could probably help someone else, at least one of them 😉

SO GOOD BYE FOR NOW, MY FRIENDS (if anyone is even reading)

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