Writing101: A Room With A View

My heart was beating, my body was shaking. I had this unknown feeling in my bones that made me tremble. Looking outside the window in the dark atmosphere made me nervous, for the first time ever. I turn my head away from the window to face familiar people with unfamiliar expressions on their faces. Sitting there in a small room,  on the white leather couch that looked down onto an ivory coffee table, surrounded by white walls, I felt black. Dark. Counting minutes untill the inevitable, I am trying to estimate the amount of light brown wooden blocks in the parquet that laid all over the room. That white clock with golden edges drives me crazy. TV isn’t on, streets are empty, voices are hushed, everything is still except that clock. All of a sudden the feeling shifts. Now its gone from unsettling to unbearable. My soul hurts, I cannot breathe and whilst I gasp for air, the worst noise breaks the silence. I can feel the peach linen curtains moving as the sound is getting closer. But I know it’s already over, he’s gone…

This isn’t necessarily a place where I would like to go back, but it is indeed a place that kind of made me who I am today

 SO GOOD BYE FOR NOW, MY FRIENDS (if anyone is even reading)

9 thoughts on “Writing101: A Room With A View

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