Writing101: Serially Lost

For Tuesday’s prompt for Writing101 I had written story A Room With A View and since it is connected to today’s prompt I am going to further the story a bit whilst explaining it briefly.

So today we have to write about loss. Something that isn’t a part of our life anymore, probably not by our choice. I definitely recommend you to read the previous story before this, because it will be clearer that way.

Many of people who read that story realized the significance of the emotional state mixing with the surroundings. I wanted to bring all I had to the story because I felt that was the only way it should be written. As most of you probably guessed it is an unfortunate tale about losing a person dear to me. This story is about a 8-year-old me experiencing the first big loss in her life, and it is told by a more mature narrator. This particular moment has made me who I am today and unfortunately in that moment I took a huge step to growing up too soon. It is crazy how just one has an ability to change your whole life. I have always believed that faith exists, but not any kind of faith. I believe in faith that is controlled by our actions without us knowing the outcome while we do them.For an example that would mean that if I didn’t walk to school on foot today I wouldn’t meet a person who is possibly going to have a huge impact on my life later on. So that gives any occasion in our life, good or bad, a possibility to develop into something different, significant. I might not ever be here, blogging, if I didn’t lost that person in that exact part of my life. Everything has it purpose, even the bad things. That is a thought that gets me through every obsticle, however big or small, I stumble on the heavy path that is life.

SO GOOD BYE FOR NOW, MY FRIENDS (if anyone is even reading)


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