Destiny or not?

Often I find myself in a conversation with other people
discussing one specific term. Destiny.

When the subject of destiny comes up in a  conversation it is usually paired with belief. Do you believe in destiny?
I find it quite difficult to simply answer this question without explaining myself.

I don’t believe in that destiny which most people do, the one that we, supposedly, got the moment we were born, something that is written in our stars. No, that seems absurd to me, but however I believe in destiny by choices (how I like to call it). To me destiny is not a constant, it is defined by our choices, what we do or don’t, where we go. Every choice we make has a potential of changing our future to better or worse, without us knowing the outcome, of course. Even the smallest choices can affect you greatly. Think about it! If you haven’t gone by a different path than usual you might have never met someone who you love. If you decided to stay at your house and not have gone out with your friends you might have never mt the love of your life. And so on. Destiny by choice is just a way I see life, our choices and their consequences.

And not the only thing that is left to say is: Do you believe in destiny?


 SO GOOD BYE FOR NOW, MY FRIENDS (if anyone is even reading)


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