Pink Smoothie Recipe

Today I am doing something different, also something I wanted to do
for a while now. This is my recipe for a Pink Smoothie.

First the ingredients:
2 small bananas or 1 large banana
4 or 5 frozen strawberries
1 kiwi
1 shot glass of milk (or more if you want a less thick consistency)
1 shot glass of yogurt
1 hand grip of oats
1 piece of chocolate
some cappuccino

What is important to know about mixing all this into a smoothie is to always put harder ingredients on the top. So first throw a sliced kiwi into your glass (or mixer, depending on a machine your using) then add your bananas. After that add strawberries, preferably frozen, but if you don’t have frozen ones just put a cube or two of ice, it should do the same. Then put one shot glass of yogurt, I used one with pineapple slices in it, but greek yogurt would work too since it is thick enough. On top of that put your oats which are great for you because they will give you enough energy (especially if you are making a breakfast smoothie) and sprinkle them with some cappuccino or coffee, whatever you like the most. Now it comes the most important ingredient – milk. Milk helps the blades work better so your ingredients could be mixed better. If you have a sweet tooth add some honey or a piece of chocolate like I did.


Now you are ready for some mixing!  I recommend to wait about 2 minutes for it too finish, but you know your machinery better than I do. 😉

IMG_5716And that’s all. You have a well-balanced, healthy meal/drink ready in just about 5 minutes!



SO GOOD BYE FOR NOW, MY FRIENDS (if anyone is even reading)

5 thoughts on “Pink Smoothie Recipe

  1. Hi, I came across your blog through the community pool post, and I love all your posts! They are well written and all quite interesting. I just followed it! My one critique would be try getting better quality photos because at the top when you see the image of all the fruit, its kind of blurry and looks a bit unattractive. But, I didn’t come here to be negative, I really love your blog and hope you continue to blog!!! 🙂 and if you want, check out my blog,

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  2. Ja isto slučajno nabasah, nisam stigao zapravo pogledati o čemu se radi, nema nas puno iz hrvatske pa pratim manje više sve na koje naletim… pa ako može jedan mali, sićušni prijedlog?

    Na naslovnoj stranici bloga, nemoj sve postove označavati kao featured (mislim da je u tome stvar, ovisi o temi), učitava doslovno sve što si napisala, nekome sa kršinom od računala će nastat crna rupa u sobi kad to pokuša otvorit 😉

    I jedno pitanje, da ne budem sav u kritikama… jel i tebe zajebava to čudo za mutit sokove? Moj tu i tamo odbije suradnju kao da nisam dobro uglavio čašu, pa da znam jesam trebao reklamirat il ne 🙂

    Lijepi pozdrav 😉

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    • Ne namistan featured nego je to u temi, razmišljam se da ju prominim. To cu kad stignem. Drago mi je da sam upoznala nekoga iz hrvatske i otići cu na tvoj blog kada odem na računalo vjerojatno sutra, imaš follow to je sigurno.
      Ovo za sokove me jos ne zeza ali jos je relativno nov pa moze bit da ce kasnije.
      Hvala na komentaru 🙂 cijenim to puno!

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