Is hope crazy?

Today we are going through a journey of philosophy. Briefly.

Have you ever lost yourself in a fantasy world of your own creation? Where nothing is wrong, and you are happy.

Leibniz said that we live in the best of all possible worlds. If that was to be true than fantasies wouldn’t be necessary, daydreaming wouldn’t exist and we would all be happy to live in this world. To conclude we live in a best possible world one must be an eternal optimist and also an entirely happy human being. Personally, I have a hard time even imagining such a creature, let a long being one. I consider myself a realist (as I have already stated), but mostly people call me a pessimist. In one occasion I discussed that exact thing with one of my friends who said that the problem is that reality is indeed pessimistic. Since those words left her mouth I have had a difficult time forgetting them, they have left a mark.

Some would call Leibniz a mad man, a fool. But was he really? Maybe it is crazy hoping that we have the best we possibly can. Maybe it is insane thinking idealistically about this world full of flaws, romaticizing its problems. Maybe, just maybe we are all wrong, after all hoping is a very humane feature. Maybe Leibniz was a bigger human at heart than we will ever be.


SO GOOD BYE FOR NOW, MY FRIENDS (if anyone is even reading)

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