A rhetorical question

Have you ever had trouble with starting of your posts, essays, sentences, thoughts? I find that the best beginning to all of those is a simple question. One that makes yourself and others who read or listen to you, really think. A rhetorical question. I call it that even though I answer it through debate style writing.

It doesn’t necessarily need to be a hard-hitting question, it helps to start simple. My teacher once said that most times the most simple things are the most complicated, and my ex-boyfriend said that I make things too complicated by trying to simplify them. Simple is not always easy, at least to me. Maybe I am not the right person to listen to when it comes to simple things, but today I am going to try to think about some simple rhetorical questions for you (and me, when I run out of inspiration) to begin your posts (or any of those forms of expression I mentioned previously) with.

Why do people think being different is weird? or What does normal even mean?
What is more important, inspiration or creativity?
Have you ever felt that you are making a bad decision and still made it? or Why do I constantly ignore my intuition, even although it’s mostly right?
Do I like something just because I think I am supposed to like it?
How much are our decisions affected by what others think?
Am I afraid or just cautious?
Are we finding or creating ourselves?
Does reflecting on your past actually help you?
Am I really ever going to know who I am?
Is love something we should all aspire to have?

and bonus question that my mind is constantly trying to process: Are you really crazy if you admit you are crazy?
(by crazy I mean mentally crazy, like out of your mind crazy)

I think that would be enough for today. This is just a random post, because I felt like writing something different and something that is only a bit funny, but not really.
So if you decide to take one (or more) of these questions and answer it through a blog post, it would be nice of you to link me (it’s not like I could ever check who did this and who didn’t) and I would genuinely love to read your answers.


 SO GOOD BYE FOR NOW, MY FRIENDS (if anyone is even reading)