Not so summer playlist!

Today I am going to talk about one of my passions. Music!

As a dancer I really enjoy music, the beat, the lyrics and the feeling you get whilst listening. And I had realized that I didn’t talk about music almost at all, so I decided to change that. Welcome to my playlist!

These are the songs that I currently like and that I always go back to, so maybe you’ll find something for yourself (Who knows?).
PS: I hope you do!

  1.  Halsey – Hold Me Down
    I recently discovered this artist and I can tell you she is amazing. This is my favourite song of hers and it has been one of my most listened to songs this month! Lyrics are amazing and a bit dark, just like a love it.
  2. Fall Out Boy – Light Em Up (Nick Thayer Remix)
    This is seriously one of the best remixes I ever heard. The beat, edits and the different edge give this song so much life. It’s no secret how much I love Fall Out Boy, I already talked about them, but this is next level.
  3. Years & Years – Desire
    This band got a place in my heart after I listened to their song King, but they really captured my aesthetic after I watched their music video for Shine, their new single. I went and listened to every song, and Desire is my favourite! Also their new album is coming out this summer so I am super excited about that.
  4. Jessie J – Flashlight
    I have been secretly singing this song whilst going to school, in the shower, doing some work. It’s just so catchy and it has grown on me, especially after I watch Pitch Perfect 2 (where the song is featured)
  5. Zedd- Papercut feat. Troye Sivan
    I have already talked about Troye in my Youtubers To Watch post and now he has collaborated with Zedd on his new album True Colors and this song is honestly the best song on the album, at least to me. Troye’s voice and changing of the beats that Zedd does just works so perfectly together. PS: There is no official audio on YouTube.
  6. Skrillex and Diplo – Where Are Ü Now with Justin Bieber
    This is Justin’s comeback and I love it. He cleaned up his act and I am finally proud again to listen to his music. The song has a mix of a great beat and a great slow part. This collaboration is something that we all would have thought that is not going to work out, but somehow it works perfectly.
  7. Major Lazer & DJ Snake – Lean On feat. MØ
    I have to admit that as much as I love this song, I don’t really like the music video. I don’t know why, but I really don’t. But the song is catchy and that is why I am featuring it on this list.
  8. The Weeknd – Can’t Feel My Face
    I am not usually a big fan of The Weeknd, I mean I know a few songs but before this song I would never go onto YouTube and look just for one of their songs. Even though in this song they personify drugs as a beautiful woman, you can just listen it and think it’s just about a woman, so I would let one that pass by.
  9. Icona Pop – Emergency
    This song is a perfect summer song that you’ll probably hear in every night club. It’s fun and has a decent beat.
  10. Sia – Fire Meet Gasoline
    And for the end of this list we have Sia’s newest song that I fell in love with as soon as heard the first note. It’s a more serious and dramatic song, just in her style. In the music video we have the beautiful Heidi Klum, so that is certainly worth watching. What I love in Sia’s song is that everyone can find something for themselves, even if you are not in a difficult relationship, or in hurt over someone you love, you can take a great message from every single one of her songs.

 That will be it for my music list. I hope you have found something for you and that you will have a great summer of fun and relaxing.


SO GOOD BYE FOR NOW, MY FRIENDS (if anyone is even reading)