Tips on surviving the rest of your summer

So, today I decided to tell you my tips for surviving summer. They probably won’t help you that much, but if you already started reading you will might as well read the rest of it now that you’re here.

1. Deodorant. Lots of it.
2. If you are going to the beach or just trying to get a tan use a lot of sun cream because if you burn you will feel this heat wave hundred times more intense.
3. Water is important. Not just for staying hydrated, also for your skin! Bring a bottle everywhere and make yourself drink because when you feel you are thirsty it’s already late.
4. If you are wearing makeup and you have oily to combination skin, use a primer and/or compact powder. I usually use both, especially if I am going to work.
5. Make a summer playlist, or just find one. I recommend this one – summer playlist. (haha, I know it’s not funny)
6. Either eat a lot of fruit or buy vitamin supplements.
7. Don’t drink on an empty stomach, especially in the day if you are exposed to a lot of sun. Sun and alcohol are never a good combo.
8. Get as much sleep as you can, when you can.
9. Try something new.
10. Enjoy in things you cannot usually do whilst you have some free time.
11. Do something spontaneously.
12. Catch up on your favourite TV shows, and all those movies you missed.
13. Treat yourself, you deserved it.
14. Always look for a place that has an AC.
15. Also related to makeup, find some oily control paper. They are an instant saver.
16. Try not to walk alone late at night. You never know what could happen. Call a taxi!
17. Find a new hobby. Last year I started this blog at the end of the summer and now I already have a schedule for this blog. So you never know what a hobby can become.

So that will be it for now. Thank you for reading this semi-useful guide on surviving the rest of your summer and sorry for wasting you time 😉


SO GOOD BYE FOR NOW, MY FRIENDS (if anyone is even reading)


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