My dream workspace

Today I am here because WeWork has inspired me to talk about my dream workspace. This is going to be just me fantasizing about how my ideal workspace would look. I am going to show you a few inspirational pictures and tell you what from it fits into my vision.


I always pictured something minimalistic, preferably black and white with some accent colours. Also I like the idea of having an inspirational quote where I can see it all time. Would you believe me that I already have one on my desk that says: TIME YOU ENJOYED WASTING IS NOT WASTED TIME! 

I cannot imagine editing photos or writing something without having my huge headphones on my head! Also books are essential to my aesthetic so I prefer having them on my work space where I can just reach for one.


Going back to the accent colours white desk chair and a colourful pillow. Roses – I am sure that I have already talked about how much I am obsessed with them. I like to throw my in an empty clear bottle for oil and tie a cute little bow arround the neck of the bottle. It looks cute and it’s a great DIY that anyone can do.


With so much I want on my desk I need a huge one and this one is
perfect with the light wood and black legs.


Something I think every fashion blogger needs is a mannequin. I would have so much fun styling and shooting my OOTD’s on it and also it would be easier to see what looks good together without really trying it on.

I already talked about how I keep a list of countries that have seen my blog in my post called Thank you! But I want to take that to another level by keeping a world map and using to colours for showing countries I have been to and those which watch my blog.


If you want to be serious about doing something I always suggest  making a calendar where you can keep track of what you have to do. Also I like these interesting shelves because they look cute and practical and that’s a good combination.

As a semi photography blog I would like to have some of my best
work represented in my work space.


I always dreamt of a window seat bench and that is why I had to incorporate it in my dream workspace. Just imagine how much more I would enjoy doing some work or research whilst the soft light hits me from the window.

That would be it for my dream workspace. You can see that I have already started on realizing this fantasy but I so much more to do.
Please check out the WeWork Magazine and the WeWork co-working locations, they are amazing and I am honestly so glad I decided to check out what they have to offer.


SO GOOD BYE FOR NOW, MY FRIENDS (if anyone is even reading)