Writing 101: Day Three – One-Word Inspiration

So today we have to choose one word from a bunch they offered us and be inspired to write something on that theme. I chose the word secret.

Secrets. Little whispers surrounding your aura. Whether significant or not you still keep them in, not even realizing that you are giving meaning to them only by that act. It’s funny, because we all do it. And what’s ironic is that I am keeping the secret about why I chose this word, it is important for me but not really necessary for everyone else to know. And I really want to write about something I am also keeping but I think I will save that specific event for another assignment.

Secrets. Unnecessary worms eating us up. They make us lie which only hurts more. They make us afraid and paranoid. Crazy how something so small can create so many emotions and problems. Do we hide them because we are afraid of others using them against us? Are we all a little too paranoid?

I am going to end on that note, and leave you thinking for a while about what you just read (and I am also going to think about what have I just written).


SO GOOD BYE FOR NOW, MY FRIENDS (if anyone is even reading)


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