Writing 101: Day five – Let Social Media Inspire You

Today’s assignment is to use a tweet for inspiration. Below you can see the one I chose to be my inspiration.

This is something I find very important and something that is really worth writing about. As people we always search for something to call home and as we grow older we realize that home is not a place at all. Home can be anything you interpret it as, a person, a memory, a feeling. The luckiest of us are carrying their homes with them. They, their body and their mind are their home, a temple where they feel safe and sound. For someone who has battled with depression and who is still in not-so-good terms with anxiety, that fact is fascinating. For those lucky bastards (I am kidding of course) this is not sign of confidence, this is sign that they are at peace with themselves and everything they are and have to offer. That is a beautiful thought, isn’t it?


SO GOOD BYE FOR NOW, MY FRIENDS (if anyone is even reading)


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