Writing101: Day Seven – Hook ‘Em With a Quote

Today is all about quotes, and using the blockquote feature. So here is the quote:

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
― Maya Angelou, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings 

As a writer/blogger I always have this urge to share some of my most personal stories with my readers. Sometimes it is just because I want a raw and truthful to the maximum story and sometimes I just need to get that story out of my system and make it more clearer. Examples for both of those post are: 1) A Room With A View and 2) A Story In A Single Image.

The same way a lie eats you out, untold story eats a writer out. The struggle between keeping your personal life enough private and writing about some aspects of your life that truly are stories which deserved to be heard is present all the time. We all have those stories we don’t tell anyone, no matter how much we want to. But now I am asking you one very important question: Why are you keeping that story for yourself? Too intimate? Too raw? Too embarrassing? Too scary? Are you afraid of people actually getting to know you? I know I am!


SO GOOD BYE FOR NOW, MY FRIENDS (if anyone is even reading)


4 thoughts on “Writing101: Day Seven – Hook ‘Em With a Quote

  1. Great post!
    Some bloggers avoid letting anyone know who they really are, and that’s fine. As long as they can write posts which interest others, nothing else matters – in fact, they don’t even have to do that: as long as they enjoy writing, their writing is worthwhile.
    I take the opposite course. I am brutally honest about myself and my life. Like many other bloggers, I have a message – although the enjoyment of blogging seems to have watered it down…

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