Autumn ready : Dark purple and plum lips


So as you already know, autumn is here. Autumn is my favourite season of them all, for many reasons. But now I am going to talk about autumn beauty, more specifically the dark lip colours. Purple and plum lip colours are my go-to trend for the colder months and I am very happy to share some colours from my personal collection.

  1. Beauty UK – in 17 plumpalicious
    I have already talked about this product before, but if you happened to miss that I am featuring it again. The colour is divine and it is long-lasting. The formula of the lipstick is very rehydrating, but it goes a bit matte after some time, which really suits me. Also it has kind of mint odour which is just a plus.
  2. Maybelline’s Baby Lips Electro – in berry bomb
    This is my holy grail lip product and the secret behind the perfect purple lip. It is coloured lip balm and it smells so nice. Don’t be scared by the colour of it, it doesn’t look like that at all. As you can see from the swatches it’s like a sheer purple which, let me tell you, makes any purple colour look great if you put this as the top coat. And it also look great by it self since it does stain your lips a bit.
  3. Maybelline’s colorsensational – in 365 plum passion
    A new piece in my collection. Beautiful colour, nice scent and a good creamy consistency! Feels so good on the lips and the colour stays more than I thought it will.
  4. TOPSHOP’s matte lip bullet – in Call me Queen Bee
    Also a product I have already mentioned, but it deserves to be featured one again. It is matte, long-lasting and really really purple (especially paired with the baby lips electro)! I love the packaging and the fact that it functions like a stick because it is more economical that way.

All in all, dark lips are a bold statement that I dared to try only a year ago. If you are worried about what other people will say, don’t be. There is no point! Enjoy in everything you want to and dare to be bold, because in the end lip colour is so insignificant but it is also a way to express yourself.
Also if you are already a proud owner of dark lipsticks, maybe put some recommendations in the comments below, since I am always looking to expand my forever-growing collection.

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SO GOOD BYE FOR NOW, MY FRIENDS (if anyone is even reading)