Skin Care + Reviews

Today I am going to talk about my most used skin care products! These products are my saviours and maybe they will make your life easier too! For reference my skin type is combination to oily skin, the area under my eyes is sometimes dry as well as my nose; my chin, forehead and area around the nose are super oily.  

This is a product I have already talked about and if you want to see the full review go here! It is really insane how much this product has helped me. It can be used once or twice in a week, but I use it once and once a week I use the mask you will see below!

This is a totally new product! I never used a hydration mask and I never used Avon’s skin care products. It smells divine and makes my skin feel so nourished and soft. In combination with the mud mask my skin feels amazing and I have less break outs than when I don’t use these products which is a great plus. I have been thinking of buying more products with this scent because it is so good I wish it was a perfume.

Garnier’s Micellar Cleansing Water is my holy grail product! I have repurchase it so many times that I lost count. I did a review of the Garnier’s Pure Active Micellar water some time ago. For that review click here! I prefer this one a bit more, because it is less harsh on my skin, but the other one does the same job.

I heard so many great things about Clearasil. These are Clearasil’s rapid action akut pads. You are supposed to use it in the morning and at night, but I usually skip the morning one. After I remove my makeup with the micellar water I use this to wipe everything that is left and to refresh my skin. It really helps with break-outs and redness caused by them.

Also something new and exciting! As a person who has really oily skin I was always afraid of moisturizers, but them I heard about mattifying creams so I decided to try one. This product doesn’t make your skin matt after you use it, but it really does make your skin receive all moisture that it needs and it doesn’t make you face more oily. Also it makes applying foundation a lot easier. It really is so inexpensive and you need the smallest amount you can imagine to cover your whole face so it is very economical and affordable. But again if you are looking for something that is going to make your skin matt this isn’t the product, it simply gives you moisture without making you more oily which works perfectly for me!

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2 thoughts on “Skin Care + Reviews

    • To me it burn for just a second and then my face feel really fresh and clean so I think is worth the hype. You should really try the garnier micellar water becaus it is the best makeup remover I ever had and it is suitable for sensitive skin.

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