About expectations

These past few days I spent reading Madame Bovary and even though I haven’t read half of the book yet, it got me thinking about expectations and how they make us perceive things differently.

Usually we have expectations about things we really want which can leave us feeling disappointed after we get what we wanted. It does not matter if that is a book, a kiss or something more serious. I think everyone is pretty much aware that a lot of expectations can affect the outcome badly. But we still expect things. Why is that so? Is it because we want to plan every single thing in our life so we could feel safer in a somewhat known environment, or is it about something else? Are expectations lying that deep in the human core that there isn’t a way to get rid of them, or are they something that sparks our imagination?

In the last few years I have been using a method where I attempted to have as little expectations as I possibly could, of course it wasn’t easy but I also found that I was happier in the outcome because I was pleasantly surprised. And no I didn’t stopped expecting things in a full form (I am not even sure that is possible), and I don’t recommend you to try that. But yes I would like to say that you could try to expect less and maybe see what it does to you. Maybe having less expectations is a secret ingridient in the formula of true happiness.

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