The real reality

 Today I wanted to talk about how are lives are affected by the people we meet. It is just going to be a short text written in a style I like to call a debate which is featured in most of my longer posts.

I never liked routine and I still don’t, but my day-to-day life has been significantly different these past few months. (The reason behind that is going to stay hidden since I don’t think it is of any significance to this whole post.)

We all have some rules we live by (at least I hope that is not only me). We convince ourselves in them so much we think they are unbreakable which we later come to find is so far from the truth. I used to like to believe I could control my feeling to the point where I was so sure I can actually lie to myself about how I feel and then live the lie as it was reality.

As people we go through life thinking we know what we are doing and that we are in control. The truth is that we are constantly changed by our experiences and people we have those experiences with. Having in consideration that every person you meet knows something you don’t, we are bound to at least learn something new, no matter if that is an information or a behaviour.

This whole process is something that is human just as talking is. And only a few people are brave enough to fully embrace this theory to its fullest. To let people in your life is not only brave and courageous, it is smart and calculated. So let yourself be influenced and inspire others. EVERY DAY OF YOUR LIFE!


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SO GOOD BYE FOR NOW, MY FRIENDS (if anyone is even reading)


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