I am never getting married?

I never thought that I will ever be a significant part of someone’s life. Marriage has always been a taboo topic for me, since I have no real opinion about it. Maybe you will like to know why (maybe you won’t), if you do keep reading.

As a self-proclaimed realist and a logical person with memory and intelligence based on the visual I have always learned things by observing. I haven’t seen a good example of a marriage growing up, not ever. My mother is a single mother since I was one, my grandfather died a few years after my father and other marriages in my family weren’t a good enough example for me to consider marriage in a way that most people do. Also I had trouble imagining my life spent with only one person, not that I want to publicize polygamy, I just find that after some time there isn’t really much things that you don’t know about eachother. It’s crazy how little opinion an opinionated person can have about such a huge topic. I am well aware that people change people, that with meeting a new person we learn something new. As a woman and a feminist I hate the traditional thought of a woman being man’s property especially since men aren’t my only interest. It is so funny how we think we have surpassed some obstacles in this modern life, how they call it, but men are still superior. But, let’s get back to marriage, no more digresion! I never ment to say that I will never get married, maybe there will come a time. There is not such thing as absolute truth, ergo there is no right answer to any question ,even to the one concerning marriage.


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SO GOOD BYE FOR NOW, MY FRIENDS (if anyone is even reading)


7 thoughts on “I am never getting married?

  1. What inspired this brief take on marriage? I think you have more thought to give this topic/post.

    And, are you suggesting you are happily living a single life of one-night stands? Or, you’re bisexual?

    I, too, have not seen many examples of happy marriages. There are the few rare gems, couples that make it to 50 years together and seem content. But, the vast majority of marriages I encounter have their share of problems. And, there are WAY too many single mothers cropping up everywhere. Way too many.

    Your experiences HAVE given you some wide perspectives, though, which is a good start.

    I think happy marriage is still possible, but people need to do a much better job of picking their partners. A good start is looking into one’s astrology. Also, I think more couples should be paired by size (meaning women pair up with guys their size, not guys twice their size who pose a greater risk of abuse).

    Sex has become so casual and disposable since I was a teenager that it has far less respect and reverence than it did decades ago. It’s no longer special to many. Thus, some people see nothing beyond it. If they achieve getting sex, that’s all they seem to need. Any more seems like a chore. It’s like getting a cheat code for a video game. Once you can cheat, why play the hard way? Game beaten, done, move onto the next one. That’s the world of convenience. Marriage is too much work for people with the cheat codes to sex. And, sex loses its value/pleasure when you get it anywhere, usually with the cheat code for drinking.

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