About writer’s block

I really love writing and the sound of my fingers hitting the keyboard. But for a long time I felt stuck, no topic to write about came to my head. Isn’t it crazy that writer’s block even exists? There are so many aspects of life we can talk about, so many day to day ideas that go through are head but somehow nothing worth writing about.

Maybe the problem is not realising the worth in something ordinary, something raw and simple. I have been told countless times that I complicate things by trying to make them simple, so writing about simple and ordinary things in life should be a challenge of its own. But still I don’t do it.

I guess I let myself be affected by what others say about me, about my photography, about my blogging. I don’t think that anyone in my life fully understands how important this blog is to me. My friends do not see why I get so excited when someone contacts me to work with them or to say how good my work is, they find it funny and they find me delusional. They might even be right, but it is up to me to decide. I should not let others stop me from doing something I truely love and something that makes me better and sane just because they don’t understand it.

And yes, I do write like no one will ever read this, because I am writing this for myself, to help me through somethings because that is the reason why I am still here today. Also this is the way to take writer’s block in your hands and throw it outside the window screen – just write, write about not knowing what to write, write about the first thing that comes to your mind. Write for yourself!


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SO GOOD BYE FOR NOW, MY FRIENDS (if anyone is even reading)


2 thoughts on “About writer’s block

  1. I can relate to this 100%! I’ve gone through some pretty intense periods of writer’s block, and it’s really awful. I sometimes still struggle with it, thinking things like, “will anyone even like this? What will they think? Is it controversial? Will they judge me, think differently of me for having these opinions? Does anyone even care about this?” And then it’s like, who cares? Like you saidโ€”I write for me! So I should make content that I want to read, and if people like it, cool. If not, though, whatever. It’s making me happy! (So long story short, yes absolutely to everything you said. Great post!)

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