Mood board for March


I have been doing mood boards for a year now,  the concept is m giving some information about what I did that month that is connected with this photos (that I rebloged onto my Tumblr, if you want to check it out it’s girlonfire-youtube-lover).
PS: I post mood board every last Tuesday of the month!
PPS: This mood board is a week late since last week a took a break due to some personal problems and situation. So enjoy in it now!

My eye makeup has changed into a pinkish nude version with slightly darker edges! Maybe it’s the spring madness, but I like how pink looks on my eyes!
I have been drinking a whole lot of coffee in March.
This Friday evening I am officially going to Venice, see you there!
I watched and became obsessed with Fuller House, it is not just a spin-off it is much more.
Also I bought myself some Calvin Klein underwear and let me tell you the top is one of the most comfortable things I have ever worn and have in mind that I cannot sleep without a bra!
I am pretty much bound to like anything that has vampires in it, whether it is a show, a movie,a book etc.
My wardrobe has become too black for my mood!
Something I don’t think I ever talked about but my favourite type of cake is a cheesecake!

Last year’s March mood board – HERE
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