It was Friday! – Outfit inspiration


Shirt: Tezenis
Bandeau: New Yorker
Shoes: Black Leather Converse

You all seemed to like the last Outfit Inspiration post I did, so I decided to do another one this weekend. Which of course does not mean I will do one every week, don’t get your hopes up.

This is my Friday’s outfit. The shirt itself says the name of that day and quite honestly I wouldn’t wear it on any other day. (Maybe that is just me and my weirdness.) Since the heat started I wanted to dress myself in a less black outfit but colours weren’t really an option so I was left with white.

The shirt is a muscle tee so I needed to wear something underneath that gives more coverage than a usual bra. That is why I opted for a plain black bandeau I usually wear with that type of shirts.

I have been in love with these jeans since I got them while I was in London, a year and half ago. Let me tell you why. They look like they are leather jeans but they aren’t. These jeans are made almost totally out of cotton but they really do look like leather, expensive leather. And the best thing is that they don’t feel like leather and you are not going to sweat too much or scratch it and you can really move in them.

For the last touch I decided to spice the things up a bit with my black leather converse, which are pretty new and rarely used. I think that the fabric really complements the jeans without coming off too strong.

That would be all from me today! If you want to check more of my day-to-day outfits and makeup looks be sure to follow me on my two instagram’s which you have on the right of your screen (or at the bottom if you are not using desktop version).

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