Every summer

Today officially is the first day of summer on the Northern Hemisphere, so most of us bloggers decided to dedicate a blog post to that particular occasion.

I, myself, wanted to talk and make a list of things that happen every single summer and take a humoristic twist to the topic.


  1. You get hooked on that one specific song that become your summer 2016 (or an other year) song. By the end of the year, the songs becomes so boring and annoying that you cannot event understand why you liked it in the first place.
  2. Every summer your goal is to read more or to exercise more because you have more free time. In the end all you do in your free time is sleep, and occasionally some catching up with your friends because they want to be sure you are actually alive.
  3. This summer I am going to get so tan that people will think I went to a solarium, you say to yourself every year. The reality is, you get sunburnt and red everywhere. It is so painful, but you will at least get some tan – of course that does not turn out like that. The colour is not as nearly tan as it was red, and you still cannot go outside without everyone asking you why are you still so pale.
  4. You make a summer whishlist/to do list even though you can almost immediately see that being disappointing in the end.
  5. Now one for all make-up lovers. I am going to control the oiliness of my skin this year and not look like I went for a mile run after 15 minutes I left the house. I am going to prepare, buy every single product available and control it. Either you realized there is no way of controlling that or you keep your entire makeup bag as close as you can wherever you go.
  6. Saying you are going to practice a foreign language with foreigners, but end up just speaking English because you are too afraid to not sound perfect even thought the person talking to you in English probably doesn’t even speak English well at all.  So, you end up being a fool because you realize you know their language far better than they know English.
  7. You are trying to eat healthier. It sounds as a good if you think about all of the great fruits that grow in summer, but also fast foods are now opening on every corner (like there already wasn’t one in a 5 minute walking radius). Mission sabotaged!
  8. Thinking about getting a new hobby. That works. Sometimes. For about a week.
  9. Not leaving the work for the last few days, but doing it gradually whilst you are on vacation. Let’s be honest, no one is thinking about doing work while they have some time off work.

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What it takes

If you are a writer (any kind; if you do it as a hobby or as some kind of a paid job), you might stop every now and then to ask yourself what it takes to be a good writer.

Sometimes I am torn between writing what I want and what I think readers will want to read, as I believe every writer is. Staying true to yourself, writing about stuff you want and keeping your readers happy and wanting more is already such a hard combo. But is that all it takes to be a good writer, I had to wonder?

I don’t necessarily think there is a right formula or that anyone can be interested in all I or someone else writes. But I guess there is a certain thing that makes some writers more compelling to the masses and what makes them have that x-factor with which they stand out in the sea of wannabe famous writers.

Of course that some topics are more… let’s say noticeable, like sex, when compared to others. Sex sells, everyone knows that saying and we have a lot of real examples of that even in writers (50 Shades of Grey being the obvious one), still writing about sex is not part of the good writer formula. Firstly, because good writers are not automatically those who are being read more.

And then, on the other hand, having the skill of writing is also not the biggest quality it takes to be a good writer. Because let’s be honest, something can be well written but boring to read or have no real purpose.

So, to conclude this weird thing-of-a-post, maybe I should list some things that can help get you (and me) closer to the title of a good writer.

A good writer needs his or hers (or its/theirs, we are pro all genders here) own voice, that cannot be shut down easily and that can be recognised effortlessly.
A good writer should write about what he/she/it/they want but that topic should either be at least a bit popular or advertise in some manner on pages (or whatever) that are specific to that topic, so the people you are writing to/about/for can actually see it.
A good writer can write about controversial topics (that is welcomed actually), but only in a way where they are not attacking someone else and where they have their own opinion and an explanation that is not hurting anyone in a major way.
A good writer writes when inspiration strikes and knows how to break the horrible writer’s block.
A good writer interacts with the public and readers.
A good writer knows why he/she/it/they are writing.
A good writer lays in all of us.

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Fresh out of school – Outfit inspiration


Shorts: Sinsay
Shirt: H&M
Wallet: Guess
Shoes: Nike (Air Max Thea)

Another week another Outfit Inspiration post. I really seemed to be into making these kind of posts.
This yesterday’s outfit is a bit different from other two I have posted previously. Firstly, it is a true summer outfit with shorts and all. Secondly, it is more of a sporty look than what I usually posted and I kind of like it. Now, let’s go onto the details!

Since I only went for a walk I decided to wear these shorts that are not tight and that are really comfortable. They are brand new and I really like that they are grey because I needed a pair that isn’t black as the rest I own.

As a lover of irony, sarcasm and slogan shirts this one which says School sucks is just a perfect combination of all of those. I love burgundy, since I consider myself not enough brave to wear red anything. Also I like how the edges of the sleeves and the collar are white to match the letters and not just the same colour as the rest of the shirt.

A sporty OOTD wouldn’t be complete without a great pair of sneakers. These Nike’s are my absolute favourites and just describe me and my style fully. Of course there wouldn’t be my signature touch if I didn’t dress up this sporty look a bit with my black leather wallet from Guess that I got in an outlet whilst I was in Venice. Money well spent!

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About love and trust

If love is the ultimate way of living, real full living, then why do we have an instinct not to trust anyone. An instinct that says do not love unconditionally if it is not mutual or in the same amount. Why do we spend most of our lives running away from the idea of loving someone?

Yes, you will get hurt, that is a given. But love is so much more than that. Love is not just broken hearts, taking sacrifices and letting yourself fully trust and have that trust broken. With loving and letting go you are finding yourself, creating yourself and being honest to yourself. What if the answer of who you actually are lays in a future unsuccessful relationship or friendship? What if to answer who you are, you need to hurt a little, or in some cases a lot?

There is no greater gift than to give your trust and love to someone. And also, arguably, there is not greater risk. Playing poker with a bet that is your heart is not usually anyone’s idea of love, but realistically that kind of is a good metaphor for love. We can win it all, we can fold or lose it all, everything depends on the amount of luck we have and also, maybe even more important, the people we play with. People we play with (or against, however you see it) can be risking it all just as we are, but sometimes they are bluffing.

So I guess my question for you is are you willing to play?

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