Fresh out of school – Outfit inspiration


Shorts: Sinsay
Shirt: H&M
Wallet: Guess
Shoes: Nike (Air Max Thea)

Another week another Outfit Inspiration post. I really seemed to be into making these kind of posts.
This yesterday’s outfit is a bit different from other two I have posted previously. Firstly, it is a true summer outfit with shorts and all. Secondly, it is more of a sporty look than what I usually posted and I kind of like it. Now, let’s go onto the details!

Since I only went for a walk I decided to wear these shorts that are not tight and that are really comfortable. They are brand new and I really like that they are grey because I needed a pair that isn’t black as the rest I own.

As a lover of irony, sarcasm and slogan shirts this one which says School sucks is just a perfect combination of all of those. I love burgundy, since I consider myself not enough brave to wear red anything. Also I like how the edges of the sleeves and the collar are white to match the letters and not just the same colour as the rest of the shirt.

A sporty OOTD wouldn’t be complete without a great pair of sneakers. These Nike’s are my absolute favourites and just describe me and my style fully. Of course there wouldn’t be my signature touch if I didn’t dress up this sporty look a bit with my black leather wallet from Guess that I got in an outlet whilst I was in Venice. Money well spent!

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