Easily romantic – Outfit Inspiration 

Skirt: Urban Outfitters
Shirt: Mango
Shoes: Black Leather Converse
Bracelet: Local Shop


Another Outfit inspiration post, after a long pause. I really wanted to do a different look so that is why I waited for this long to post a new one. This is my idea of the easy and simple romantic look that is not only limited for night.

I wanted to look cute and some-what romantic, but I was going out in the early morning (or 10 am in summer 😉 ). My goal for this outfit was to dress it a bit down to make it look a bit more relaxed and appropriate for day time, because I didn’t want to be overdressed for a simple occasion and an early hour.

So, quite obviously the main aspect of this OOTD was this cute floral skirt I got from Urban Outfitters a long time ago. (More closeup pics of it HERE! in my London Haul). What is special about it is the black lace near the edge of the skirt which gives it an even bigger romantic detail and the quality of the material that is so soft and easy to wear in +30ºC weather.

And now we come to the most important part of the outfit, which makes it what it is – a simple day time romantic outfit. This shirt from Mango is a simple cut white T-shirt with a pocket on which it says: This is my favorite T-shirt. I fell in love with it last summer instantly and it still is one of my most worn pieces in summer. The shirt balances the skirt perfectly, making it simple and less smart because it adds some fun and flare to the whole shebang.

To finish it all off I wore my favourite black converse with a black bracelet which has an Ankh sign on it. That added to the relaxed theme, making this an ideal fun outfit to wear pretty much everywhere. It is a bit different and unexpected, but that is what fashion is, isn’t it?

That would be all from me today! If you want to check more of my day-to-day outfits and makeup looks be sure to follow me on my two instagram’s which you have on the right of your screen (or at the bottom if you are not using desktop version).

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