What I learned: Travel edition

In past two years I have visited couple of countries with totally different cultured than mine. So I thought it would be funny and/or interesting to share some things I learned about that country by visiting it.
Disclaimer: if I am talking about your country or a country you have been to, please have in mind this is just my experience in the short amount of time I spent it there. No hard feelings!!

Vatican City is probably the cleanest city in the whole world.

In  Albanian bus stops there are no soap or mirrors in the bathrooms.

Athens is really dirty and full of not-so-artistic graffiti on every corner.

In Zakhyntos (Greece) you actually have to pay extra to have wi-fi in the hotel which is kind of absurd since you are paying the actual stay in the hotel which should include your personal right to the internet!!

In Greece people drive like crazy and in some towns like Laganas, Zakhyntos there are no zebra crossings.

Ohrid (Republic of Macedonia) has ridiculously low prices of alcohol and cigarettes and pretty much everything you can find.

In Naples (Italy) most of the restaurants are closed from 15:00 to 17:00 or something stupid like that. And also what I should probably outline is that one of the first things you see on your drive to and through the city are big piles of trash.

Rome is pretty much all churches, fountains and obelisks. Nonetheless a spectacular city and culture worth seeing. Also shopping streets are amazing!

There isn’t a big line in Starbucks in Athens, not even in the centre where all the tourists are which really surprised me since my previous experience with Starbucks was in London and there is a necessity to wait at least 5-10 minutes just to order.

If you are in London you must try a little picnic in one of their beautiful parks, even with just a coffee in hand. If you are not a park person I recommend you to go to Tate Modern and after a little exhibition sit in front of the museum, the view of the St Peter’s Cathedral and Millenium Bridge is just stunning.

Budva (Montenegro) is a really pretty and romantic city that everyone should see. The atmosphere at night is just relaxing and fun, the people are friendly and happy.

Tirana (Albany) is surprisingly well-developed since the rest of Albany is in a totally different state. When you arrive in Albany all you see are small houses that look like there is no one living there, and then you see a center like Tirana you stop to think how is even possible that I am in the same country.


This post was meant be published days ago but I had some problems with my computer so I couldn’t have publish this or anything for that matter any sooner. I hope this is the end of technical difficulties for some time!


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6 thoughts on “What I learned: Travel edition

  1. My husband and I visited Italy and Vatican City a couple of years ago! Loved it. Now that I read your post, it was pretty clean! I also love documenting my travel and adventures. Excited to follow along with you!

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