Fall and outer layers.


For all my life fall was my favourite season and there is so many reason to why is that so. Hot chocolate and tea, sweaters and boots, fall colours and falling leaves, travelling and etc.

Maybe it will interest you why do I match certain things only to fall, maybe you just want to read another one of my stupid (or not so stupid)  short writing posts, or maybe you are just so bored and you want to read something new. But, nonetheless, just keep reading – I cannot promise you a fun time but I sure hope you will have it.

I know that through all literature fall is usually a metaphor for old age or even death, but to me fall kind of represents love in it purest stage.

To me love feels comfortable like lying under the warmest blanket and drinking some hot chocolate whilst the rain is pouring down outside your window. Love is warm like your favourite knit-sweater (that is so well-worn that three generations of our family have worn it, I am not kidding). Love is pretty like all the shades of red, orange and brown you see all around yourself. Love is unique and special like that one evergreen tree you pass by every day. Love is satisfying like the sound of the leaves rustling and crackling under your feet. Love is familiar.

So my endless love for fall can be ironically explained through my own metaphor I just represented to you. But enough about me, what is you favourite season and what it represents to you? If you want you can just answer down below or even in a post (I would like to read it if you decide to do it in this form)!

Happy Fall everyone! Let’s begin wearing our favourite clothes and as many outer layers as we can 🙂 .


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