Funny little feeling

There is this funny little feeling creeping inside of everyone’s mind. Sooner or later we all get a chance to experience it first handedly. Is it a curse or a gift? Can it even be called anything else but a feeling?

Jealousy. Strong. Cruel. Unnecessary?

There are a few types of jealousy, but today let’s talk about relationships.

Jealousy. A show of caring and love, not wanting to loose someone. Or simply our own insecurities and fears of being replaced and not being good enough? Probably a mix of both, but then why is it so deadly? Why does it make us do things we never thought we would do before? It really does bring the worst in us. Being overly protective, suspicious, angry, untrusting; sometimes to the point of aggression (it may be just passive-aggressive acts, but still). It is crazy to think from what emotions has this feeling been created; anger, sadness, disgust. And yet we associate it with love. Funny little feeling indeed!


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4 thoughts on “Funny little feeling

  1. Very accurate and so true. Unfortunately, I have been “the victim” and the worst part is when you have done nothing wrong in the first place. You try to make your partner see and understand, you try to please them, and that’s when it gets worse. You being taken for granted, demands for more, isolation from the rest of the world. It’s really dangerous, when or if it deteriorates. I wish no one would never feel like that, ever.
    Thing is, that both parts suffer, immensely!

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