Mood Board for November


I have been doing mood boards for over a year now, the concept is me giving some information about what I did that month that is connected with this photos (that I rebloged onto my Tumblr, if you want to check it out it’s girlonfire-youtube-lover).

Cannot wait to get a rose tattooed. Probably the same place on the photo! Very soon (if you consider 2 and a half months soon).

Finally the fall colours set in my hometown.

Thinking about my prom dress. Right now I think I will have an open back and a burgundy dress, but I will keep you updated. 

Just started to wear my coat daily. It has just gotten that cold here!

This month I found out that I make a killer Oreo frappe/milkshake (photos on my insta!)

Would some of you be interested in seeing my mini MAC collection? I have maybe 4 products but still.

I am planning maybe doing Christmas with Small Town Blogger this year again, but only have maybe 2 ideas. Any suggestions?

I got some interesting wardrobe pieces while I was in Zagreb. I might do a winter lookbook or at least one or more outfit inspirations! 

Decorating for Christmas this weekend. I know to most of you it is too soon, but to me (and my other Christmas enthusiast) it is too late!

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