Why I love Christmas?/ Christmas series 2016

In my last year’s Christmas with Small Town Blogger I expressed my love for Christmas, but never really explained why do I actually love Christmas. So, for the first post in my this year’s series I will try to explain exactly that!

So my story starts two Christmases ago. A dark time in my life. The time I did talk about before. If you have been with me since the beginning you would know that I have anxiety for many years now. And also that I suffered from depression previously, 2/3 years ago.

As a child everyone loves Christmas, whether it is for the Santa, gifts or family time. But later the whole magic of Christmas bursts like a bubble and now all of sudden you treat Christmas like any other day. But I kind came to my senses properly because I was depressed. Let me explain it further and you might understand what I mean.

While I was depressed of course I try to hide it away from my family and friends. (Not a good decision by any means but it is what I did.) So, I was empty inside for the longest time and to keep any will to live I began to obsess with Christmas. I was all in with the decorations, gifts, the Christmas spirit. And at one point it actually started making me kind of happy, as happy as a person with depression can be, obviously.

I blame it on Christmas magic. So in that honour I still go all in every year after that one. And I will for as long as I keep that memory, keep in mind I do not forget easily. My Christmas tradition came from  one of the darkest parts of my life and for me to make it into something good took a lot of strength. And yeah, that is my reason. Do you have yours?

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