Guest post: Equality

Hi! Let me introduce myself! I am Annie. I’m a 21-year-old psychology student. It’s a pleasure to publish my writing on Magdalena’s blog.
You might think I’m just a girl who lives in her lice little world doing her makeup and suff as mainly that’s what I write about on my blog.
However, I’m not ignorant towards the problems out world faces everyday. As much as I enjoy talking about my favourite eyeshadow palette, I believe we should never keep quiet about issues like inequality.
I hope you’ll enjoy this little piece that I wrote and I’m sure more of this kind of writing will be featured on my blog page. 

As a straight white woman I can say that I’m privileged. I’ve never been bullied, I’ve always had everything I needed to live a stable life. However I come across discrimination on a daily basis. Just like everyone else in the world. The problem is that most of the people just ignore it when they aren’t the ones the discrimination is towards. Just imagine this situation: you’re just chilling with your friends and one of them says a homophobic/racist/ anti-female comment, everyone laughs at it.You know deep down that what they’re saying is not great, but will you do anything about it? Will you take the time and effort to try to convince them that what they’re saying is horrible? Probably not.Because it’s easier to avoid conflict.It’s easier to accept that that’s just the way they are. I was like that all my life, so I’m not judging you. But a few months ago I decided that I’m gonna stand up for myself in any situation that violates the values I represent. Even if it means that your friends look at you in a weird way and don’t understand why are you being “so dramatic”.


The truth is a lot of people don’t even think about others and what they are going through. They’re just living their fucking privileged lives making comments about people based on their skin, sexuality, religion. But does these things really matter? I just literally don’t understand. Just WHY do people have to be such assholes? I could cry every time I think about what some people experience everyday.I believe it’s hard enough for them to realise that they’re different from most of the people without being made fun of and being called in disgusting names.

Last year’s election had a bigger impact on me than I’d thought it would. If you voted for Trump I can’t understand you, I just can’t. It’s not about being uninformed. It’s not about your political views. It’s about choosing to be ignorant about discrimination. It’s about choosing a racist, homophobic, anti-female person to be in the most powerful position in America. I’m not angry with Americans, I’m just disappointed in humanity. I’m not American, one of my distant relatives lives there, but I don’t have direct contact with America. Although, I still cried for days after the election. Then I realized it’s not the way to deal with it. You have to find faith in humanity again and believe that with an open heart and with kindness YOU can make a change. Even if it just means trying to convince someone racist/homophobic/etc. in your surroundings that what they’re thinking is not okay. Start tomorrow, make YOUR voice heard, stand up for yourself and for EVERYONE who’s being oppressed!

Thank you all for reading Annie’s post and thank you Annie for doing this with me! Go and check out her blog and be nice enough to follow her and leave some comments. Here is a link to her blog where you will soon find my post on equality!

Now if anyone else is interested in doing a guest post on my blog, or doing a trade like me and Annie did please do contact me on any social media of your liking. The links, as usual, are bellow!


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