Basic – Outfit Inspiration

Sunglasses: Snob
Choker: Bershka 
Shirt: Zara TRF
Jeans: Zara

Boots: HM 

New outfit post. This one is perfect for the beginning of spring, it’s so easy and simple to assemble, but even though it is basic it looks so good that you can wear it pretty much anywhere. Today I went on a short walk and in a small cafe on the beach, but I would also wear this shopping or even to school. But no more digression, we will start with the items on the pictures right away.

My favourite sunglasses that I wear everywhere, when I got the chance to. They are from Snob Milano and I got them last summer in a store in my home town that sells their stuff. I usually hate reflective sunglasses but these are different, they are not so reflective, they do not look like a mirror like most of the reflective sunglasses do. Also the frame looks so good on me because it is made tiny which is perfect for my small face.

My choker is from Bershka and it is part of a pack of 5 chokers that I got for Christmas. This one is the one I wear the most since it goes with anything. In this case I want to make this shirt less sporty and casual, but still not overdue it. I think I managed to do that, don’t you think? I already talk about it in my previous posts, so I really do not have anything else to say about it.

On that topic my boots are the Chelsea boots from HM that I got a year and a half ago in Rome, I talked too much about them so I won’t say anything more about them. It is more than unnecessary. They are also featured in my last Outfit Inspiration that I did a few weeks ago that you can check out by clicking HERE!

This shirt is fairly new, I got it maybe two months ago for something absurdly cheap in Zara. It was one of the pieces that were on sale in the beginning of the year, and also the only thing I picked up from Zara on that sale. It is so basic but it can be styled into a pretty stylish outfit. It is light and perfect for spring. Also, I really love stripes and pockets on shirts, who knows why :).

My first real ripped jeans! I wanted to see what the hype was about and I previously got the fishnet tights to go under them so it was obvious that I should get me some. And I am crazy about them now. These are from Zara also, but they weren’t on sale and I got them more recently  than the shirt.

That’s all folks! This was a quick post and I believe a quick read. I hope you enjoyed it and that you will be coming for more posts  like these since I really like to write them. Thank you for reading and thank you for your attention.

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13 Reasons Why – why it is so special

I am sure a lot of you heard about this title recently, since Netflix dropped the season some time ago. It was based on a book written a couple of years ago and it was first meant to be made into a movie, but thank God it is a series because it has so much going on that I don’t think anyone can catch up in two hours.

What I wanted to talk to you about today is why this show is so special and why you should watch it if you didn’t already. I am not going to mention any spoilers so you are safe to read further.

This show is ab13-reasons-why_0.jpgout a girl named Hannah Baker who was bullied and misunderstood in her high-school. She killed herself and the story actually starts and ends with her suicide. Before she killed herself she made 13 taped explaining the reasons why she killed herself, people who caused her to do so. We are actually following Clay, Hannah’s coworker and let’s say friend, getting the tapes and listening to them one by one and revealing us what has happened in Hannah’s life since she moved to this high-school until her death.  That is all the basic information you need to get the just of this show, now let’s start with what I meant to write today.

So 13 Reasons Why. A show like nothing I have ever seen before. Not only it shows suicide, but also rape, bullying, lying, sexuality and most of all the lost life of a teenager. All topics mentioned in various shows and movies but never like this. It is so raw and real that by watching it you are so aware that this is so real, this is something that is happening right now to someone you don’t know, and something that has happened to someone you know but you have no idea about it.
What I was personally most surprised about was the scene from the last episode. The scene we all knew was going to happen, even you who just have read the short overview I have written above. The scene that shows how Hannah actually killed herself. And I mean really shows it. I have never seen something like that shown anywhere, not in dramas, not in shows with medical or criminal background not anywhere. The act of slitting your wrists sound so scary to most of us, but seeing this scene on my screen I was terrified, I was moved, I was shaken to my core. Seeing Hannah’s obvious pain that she considered the last and ultimate option that she has to take woke me up like a cold shower. I understand why this was made. Any suicidal person who has watched the show and especially that scene would be so shaken that he or she would reconsider everything he or she thought about, including me.
Also a thing about this show that is great is showing how much human interaction and contact is important. And how much people actually affect one another on a everyday basis. Those 13 people Hannah mentions as her reasons, they are not all aware they did something so awful to this girl, most of them don’t even think about their actions once they do them. No body cares, until she is dead. No body but Clay.
Show also to me represents what a lack of communication can do. People often just assume what the other person is thinking, or are too scared to say what they want, resulting in a lot of important things being left unsaid. A lot of problems in everyday life are caused by lack of communication and compassion. This show also presents how people have become number as a result of having technology and hiding behind it. I think that’s the reasons the author choose tapes as a media through which Hannah speaks to people who have hurt her, which is genius when you stop and think about it.
Something very important that was highlighted was that even if you did not say no it doesn’t mean that it isn’t rape, it certainly doesn’t mean that you want it. Consent is a real thing people! Especially when a person isn’t able to say no, or when a person is trying to get away without saying no. Just because you want something or you feel entitled to something it doesn’t mean it is yours to take. This is a real issue, and I guess it isn’t talked about enough since a lot of people have no idea what consent means. It also talks about teenagers pressuring their partners about having sex and the whole slut shaming thing that happens in every highs school around the world. It shows how different an untrue rumour about a girl is treated with an abominable amount of slut shaming, but when it comes to a guy raping it is covered up.
All in all it is an interesting show to watch, but also a really hard one. I really recommend it to everyone and I already talked all my friends into watching it. I haven’t yet heard or read anything negative about the show, but most importantly I couldn’t find something negative about it myself. If you have already watched it or you just started watching it leave your opinion about the show in the comments below!
Thank you for reading and for your attention (this was probably one of my longest post ever), I hope I have at least presented you something interesting to read if nothing else. If I made you want to see this show right away please let me know in the comments as well and mention why exactly!

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Social equality?

A society that treats everyone the same, as equals. Is that just a utopia or a real possibility that could happen in the future of human kind?

I think everyone can agree that we live in a cruel world where justice rarely happens. Our world is homophobic and racist, women are treated as less and paid less than men. Now, especially considering recent events with terrorist attacks, a question has risen in our minds. What is necessary for an equal society?
Pessimistic views on this question are common, so there are a lot of people who do not believe in a possibility of a better world. The idea of something so ideal and perfect is too hard to comprehend to some, resulting in people not even trying to change anything that is wrong with this world. Also, a lot of people who watched someone being treated unfairly or even put down for an unjust reason, have lost their belief in all humanity and in all good that this world has to offer. Some also do not want to fight for the better world because they think nothing is going to change because nothing has changed for centuries, which is a dangerously wrong opinion.

On the other hand ones that do believe in such a possibility try to change the world everyday. People like this have seen how revolutions, rebellions and protest have changed the world through history, from racial segregation in South Africa and USA, to women rights in UK, USA, France and all over Europe. They believe that if enough people stand up together for the same cause they will change history, they will make this world a better place.  That is why today there are a lot of protest like Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ+ parades all over the world. Not to forget the importance of celebrities that stand proud as feminists, LGBTQ+ members or supporters, who in that way send a message of peace and equality.

For the conclusion, there will always be people who fight for what they believe in, here for a better world. In the same way, there will always be people who do not fight for that since they do not believe in it. The important thing is that people who believe in such a possibility have changed and still are changing the world step by step.

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Overall a good look – Outfit inspiration

Jeans: HM Overalls
Bag: Local shop
Jacket: Zara 

It’s been a while since I posted my last Outfit Inspiration post, so I thought that I should do one as the first post of the month. Here you see my go to pieces for spring that I literally wear everywhere, from school to coffee and even, with the right shoes, when I go out.

First let’s talk about my overalls that a got a while ago, at the end of the summer, in HM. I already owned short black overalls when I stumbled upon these ones and I had to get them. I wore them hundred times since I bought them and they look so cool and unique no matter how you style them. I usually wear a turtleneck under it, like I did here.

This burgundy turtleneck is from Bershka and I got it when I was in Zagreb in November when I was there for the Justin Bieber concert. I love wearing burgundy and I bought this shirt because it was the exact colour of the boots I got an hour before in Shoebox (that I featured in my last favourites). What can I say, it really was meant to be and also when I am not wearing all black I am wearing black with burgundy :).

This jacket is from Zara and it has a peplum end. I am not really going to talk more about it since I already featured this piece in one of my older Outfit Inspiration posts that you can see here. And about this bag, it is a black messenger bag with little dark silver studs in the corners. It is a perfect size and I received it as a gift from my mother at the beginning of the year.

Next and last I will tell you more about these black boots. They are black leather Chelsea boots I got a year and half ago while I was in Rome. They were really affordable and trendy then so I had to buy them. They really go with everything and they are really great to slip on in a hurry because you do not have to worry about laces, heals or even do they look good with your outfit – they always do!

That’s it for today’s post. I would like to thank you for your attention and I hope you liked the way you spent your last few minutes reading my piece. Also I would like to take this time to thank my amazing amateur photographer who always listens to my vision and takes the camera in hands when I order that way. I couldn’t do this without you!

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