Overall a good look – Outfit inspiration

Jeans: HM Overalls
Bag: Local shop
Jacket: Zara 

It’s been a while since I posted my last Outfit Inspiration post, so I thought that I should do one as the first post of the month. Here you see my go to pieces for spring that I literally wear everywhere, from school to coffee and even, with the right shoes, when I go out.

First let’s talk about my overalls that a got a while ago, at the end of the summer, in HM. I already owned short black overalls when I stumbled upon these ones and I had to get them. I wore them hundred times since I bought them and they look so cool and unique no matter how you style them. I usually wear a turtleneck under it, like I did here.

This burgundy turtleneck is from Bershka and I got it when I was in Zagreb in November when I was there for the Justin Bieber concert. I love wearing burgundy and I bought this shirt because it was the exact colour of the boots I got an hour before in Shoebox (that I featured in my last favourites). What can I say, it really was meant to be and also when I am not wearing all black I am wearing black with burgundy :).

This jacket is from Zara and it has a peplum end. I am not really going to talk more about it since I already featured this piece in one of my older Outfit Inspiration posts that you can see here. And about this bag, it is a black messenger bag with little dark silver studs in the corners. It is a perfect size and I received it as a gift from my mother at the beginning of the year.

Next and last I will tell you more about these black boots. They are black leather Chelsea boots I got a year and half ago while I was in Rome. They were really affordable and trendy then so I had to buy them. They really go with everything and they are really great to slip on in a hurry because you do not have to worry about laces, heals or even do they look good with your outfit – they always do!

That’s it for today’s post. I would like to thank you for your attention and I hope you liked the way you spent your last few minutes reading my piece. Also I would like to take this time to thank my amazing amateur photographer who always listens to my vision and takes the camera in hands when I order that way. I couldn’t do this without you!

For more day-to-day looks, makeup and other be sure to follow me on my two instagrams (links on the right side and/or under this). Also for previews of my posts and notices about when something is out! Thank you for reading once again, I’ll see you in my next post and I for sure hope you are going to be there again!!

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