Basic – Outfit Inspiration

Sunglasses: Snob
Choker: Bershka 
Shirt: Zara TRF
Jeans: Zara

Boots: HM 

New outfit post. This one is perfect for the beginning of spring, it’s so easy and simple to assemble, but even though it is basic it looks so good that you can wear it pretty much anywhere. Today I went on a short walk and in a small cafe on the beach, but I would also wear this shopping or even to school. But no more digression, we will start with the items on the pictures right away.

My favourite sunglasses that I wear everywhere, when I got the chance to. They are from Snob Milano and I got them last summer in a store in my home town that sells their stuff. I usually hate reflective sunglasses but these are different, they are not so reflective, they do not look like a mirror like most of the reflective sunglasses do. Also the frame looks so good on me because it is made tiny which is perfect for my small face.

My choker is from Bershka and it is part of a pack of 5 chokers that I got for Christmas. This one is the one I wear the most since it goes with anything. In this case I want to make this shirt less sporty and casual, but still not overdue it. I think I managed to do that, don’t you think? I already talk about it in my previous posts, so I really do not have anything else to say about it.

On that topic my boots are the Chelsea boots from HM that I got a year and a half ago in Rome, I talked too much about them so I won’t say anything more about them. It is more than unnecessary. They are also featured in my last Outfit Inspiration that I did a few weeks ago that you can check out by clicking HERE!

This shirt is fairly new, I got it maybe two months ago for something absurdly cheap in Zara. It was one of the pieces that were on sale in the beginning of the year, and also the only thing I picked up from Zara on that sale. It is so basic but it can be styled into a pretty stylish outfit. It is light and perfect for spring. Also, I really love stripes and pockets on shirts, who knows why :).

My first real ripped jeans! I wanted to see what the hype was about and I previously got the fishnet tights to go under them so it was obvious that I should get me some. And I am crazy about them now. These are from Zara also, but they weren’t on sale and I got them more recently  than the shirt.

That’s all folks! This was a quick post and I believe a quick read. I hope you enjoyed it and that you will be coming for more posts  like these since I really like to write them. Thank you for reading and thank you for your attention.

For more day-to-day looks, makeup and other be sure to follow me on my two instagrams (links on the right side and/or under this). Also for previews of my posts and notices about when something is out! Thank you for reading once again, I’ll see you in my next post and I for sure hope you are going to be there again!!

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