My Sex and the City

Every once in a while I get this insane idea to write a Carrie Bradshaw like post. Even though I am kind of a lifestyle blogger, relationships and sex were never my forte, actually, those topics were delicately avoided in my posts over last few years. Since I am starting a process of getting out of my comfort zone and trying new things for myself I thought this post could be a good first step on that road when it comes to my career in writing.

Carrie always puts her and her friend’s experiences in her posts so I am going to try to broadly do just that. We already talked about how this summer turned out to have a bit more serious note by me terminating a relationship to be in a better place of mind and we also talked about the importance of healthy selfishness when it comes to your own happiness and mental health in general. Now we are going to talk about making yourself happy in other ways.

Since I have terminated that relationship a few things happened along the way that brought me to the door of opening a new relationship fairly soon to ending of the first one. Of course, me being a crazy over-thinker and all-blames-on-me person, I got a bit puzzled by what my next move should be. I was at a huge crossroad that was problematic for numerous reasons. I knew how it would look and I didn’t want it to look like I left one person for another because I really didn’t. Also, I didn’t want to lose a chance for something that could be so good and so perfect because of a tricky timing that was only tricky because I felt like I was being promiscuous for something that just isn’t like that. What I was afraid of was that other people would think that I am cold and quite simply a bitch. And somewhere along the line of me over thinking that little voice popped into my mind.

Is this making you happy?  – An easy question isn’t it.
Yes! – Even easier answer.
Then why are you feeling guilty for wanting to be happy? Isn’t everybody’s aspiration in life to BE HAPPY?! At that point, I decided to let the moment decide for me and not to limit myself to anything. If it’s bound to happen it will! And it did. It really was a moment. A pure moment in which I thought to myself Yeah, this is it, this is right…  For what it takes, I do feel a little guilty still, but not for making the decisions that I made because I still stand by them.

On a slightly different note now. This summer is a really fast summer. A lot of things happened in a short period of time. I can see my friends trying to find themselves, exploring what life has to offer and being open to new experiences just as I am. And nothing makes me happier than that. We are truly growing up and having fun doing so, finally. Mistakes were made, but who cares really? Rules are to be broken and mistakes are to be made. We are here to find and create ourselves, and to have fun by fucking up ( something that I and my friends were reminded recently).

Nothing should be taken too seriously especially when we talk about sex and relationships in your early days. Nobody really expects you to have your life together, so you shouldn’t either. It is not a crime to enjoy yourself, however, you might want (of course if you aren’t hurting others in a way that is legally considered a crime 😆 ). And also it’s summer, what is better than being young in summer? A lot of things, but it’s still too awesome of an opportunity not to take it while you still can!


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