Munich trip in photos – Christmas on Small Town Blogger

As the month of December is coming up, so are the various advent seasons in cities all around Europe. Since I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to go to Germany, I guess I can bring you some of the Christmas feelings from Munich in photos.


Pep shopping centre. Well, first of all, this was the first time I saw a Christmas tree made up solely from ornaments, so that was cool. And also, Primark! Yes, did some damage there…

English Garden with the Chinese tower was the first Christmas market kind of thing we visited. Took a lot of photos there, here are just a few that give the vibe of the place, I especially loved the old carousel, therefore my dramatic looking photo. Also, we (my boyfriend and I) ate chocolate covered grapes, weird but nice combo. 

Marienplatz is the central square of Munich, so the centre od their Christmas market and the heart of turist sightseeing tours. All of that comes to form a very crowded place where taking a photo is very difficult, but when you are determined to make your boyriend suffer until at least one good photo is made you come up with some usable photage. Thank you 😉 

Odeonsplatz is another big square in Munich, just a few minutes walking away from Marienplatz, but surely a lot less crowded, heaven for taking photos. Also, it is close to a Starbucks where we got a winter special in their cute Christmas cups. 

Well, going to an all you can eat Asian restaurant isn’t really a Christmasy and/or a bavarian thing to do, but it certainly is fitting after a day of endless walks over the town and into several public transport choices Munich has to offer. Sushi and seafood certainly are my comfort food, whereas my boyfriend was more set on “real” meat. 

Yes, that’s all. A quick where have I been update thourgh photos. Next Christmas post coming up Thursday or Friday, until then check out my insta for more of my content. 

Christmas on Small Town Blogger

Not going to apologize about being absent, I was actually more focused on my Instagram page so it is not like I haven’t been doing anything. But it comes a time when my fingertips miss the feeling of tapping onto a keyboard, so I have come back to do my annual Christmas season posts. I actually have no idea what am I going to write about, except a travel post about my weekend in Munich where I experienced their kind of advent, a possible haul from Munich and a review of advent in Zagreb (as I did last year). If you have any suggestions be free to send them!

The Munich travel post will be out this weekend, so either tomorrow or the day after, so stay tuned!



Why I love Christmas?/ Christmas series 2016

In my last year’s Christmas with Small Town Blogger I expressed my love for Christmas, but never really explained why do I actually love Christmas. So, for the first post in my this year’s series I will try to explain exactly that!

So my story starts two Christmases ago. A dark time in my life. The time I did talk about before. If you have been with me since the beginning you would know that I have anxiety for many years now. And also that I suffered from depression previously, 2/3 years ago.

As a child everyone loves Christmas, whether it is for the Santa, gifts or family time. But later the whole magic of Christmas bursts like a bubble and now all of sudden you treat Christmas like any other day. But I kind came to my senses properly because I was depressed. Let me explain it further and you might understand what I mean.

While I was depressed of course I try to hide it away from my family and friends. (Not a good decision by any means but it is what I did.) So, I was empty inside for the longest time and to keep any will to live I began to obsess with Christmas. I was all in with the decorations, gifts, the Christmas spirit. And at one point it actually started making me kind of happy, as happy as a person with depression can be, obviously.

I blame it on Christmas magic. So in that honour I still go all in every year after that one. And I will for as long as I keep that memory, keep in mind I do not forget easily. My Christmas tradition came from  one of the darkest parts of my life and for me to make it into something good took a lot of strength. And yeah, that is my reason. Do you have yours?

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Getting into the Christmas vibe #4

Since Christmas is in few days and I have nothing else to post about, here is a Christmas edition moodboard I did some time ago for the lovely manikui! Go check her blog she is amazing and has a lot of great content!



If you want to see the previous post in this series click here!

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SO GOOD BYE FOR NOW, MY FRIENDS (if anyone is even reading