Coffee shops in Zagreb you should visit

I have been living in Zagreb for about half a year now. The thing with being in the biggest and capital city of a country is that you literally have all sorts of things to visit. I mean you can go every single day in a different coffee shop and not visit them all. So today I am going to refer to some of the special and different cafes you should stop by if you are ever in Zagreb. This list will probably be larger by time so there is a chance of doing a second edition of this post if the interest shows up to be good. Let us start with the list! 


First, let’s mention one of the trendiest cafes right now. This is Greenery Procaffe shop that has one of the best interiors I have ever seen, so definitely check their Instagram out! (I’ll just mention they have swings as stools.) But the most interesting thing is, as you see in the photos above, they can print anything you want on your coffee. Here we have one of their done prints and the other is an actual photo of my boyfriend and me. This place is right now the only one that offers this option in Croatia so it is always full of people who want to get their coffee. And what is also great, the prices are not too expensive which was very surprising to me.



This is Potter coffee shop. As you can see the interior is amazing, but not to be deceived by the name it is probably Harry Potter inspired but not a lot of things actually give a real homage to the series. Nonetheless, it is a place to go see and I feel so guilty that I didn’t get more photos to show you the atmosphere of this place, and it definitely helps that they have some amazing hot chocolates (I drank a peanut butter one).




This is Croatia’s very first (and right now the only one) cat caffe. It really is an attraction, but if you ask me an attraction to visit once because trying to drink coffee and having a nice conversation while attempting to keep the cats off the drink is too intense for me. Their menu offers so many different and special drinks, like this glitter coffee with cream and all the names are cat related. It is a cat lovers heaven, that’s for sure, but only if you have enough patience.


That would be all for now. Thank you for your patience and interest, I hope you liked the post. The list of amazing coffee shops in Zagreb is definitely bigger but I decided to start with only a few so I can have a possibility to make similar posts in the future. 

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Mood board for January


New year means new beginnings and changes but I really wanted to keep this feature. I love doing mood boards and reveal more about myself to my readers through them! So let’s start with the first mood board of the year! PS: I am posting a mood board very last Tuesday of the month.

I have really been into minimalistic jewellery.
Coffee has been a great part of my life this month, and also I have been trying all of the new, weird coffees like brownie latte which sounds and is delicious.
I really miss visiting galleries and looking at beautiful paintings from all around the world.
I am not sure if I ever mentioned how much I love Game of Thrones. And I was thinking that I could make a post about all of my favourite tv shows.
Since I cut my hair short I have been thinking of dying my hair in a pastel colour, but one of those that stay just for a few days.
I started to swear more this year, I have no idea why but I am also mentally better so maybe that is a somewhat good excuse.
I have been enjoying all black outfits all month.

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My Italy trip

So, if you were with me and my blog for a while, you would now that I was planing my trip to Italy for months (and also promising all of you amazing photography work when I come back). And that is why I am here, to share my experience through my photos. This is just going to be a brief look, since I’m sure that you’ll see a lot of them featured as weekly photo challenge entrances.

Lets start from the begging.
First day I went to Zagreb, capital of my country, because there I was catching a bus to Rome.

Second day we enjoyed the Vatican and Catacomb of Calixtus (which we couldn’t photograph, sadly)!

Third day we went to the centre of Rome, where we were sightseeing half day and shopping other half (the haul of the things I bought is coming next Sunday)!

Fourth day we left Rome to see Pompeii (my favourite part of the trip) and Naples where it was raining heavily.

Fifth and the last they we go to Orvieto and see the marvelous Tuscany sky!

That’s it for now! Hope you enjoyed the photos as much as I did taking them. For more of Italy photography check out my Instagram!

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SO GOOD BYE FOR NOW, MY FRIENDS (if anyone is even reading)

Writing 101: Day Six – A space to write

Today I am going to talk about the space where I usually write. Nothing too exciting, but there is something new. At the end I am having a poll, so be sure to stick to the end!

As an introvert I find most of my inspiration when I am alone, so I usually write in the quiet of my room. I have two different ways of how I write: one is just me, my headphones and some music that matches what I am writing about, and the second one is me, my headphones on without anything actually coming out of them, and the sound of my fingers landing on the keyboard. 

Sometimes if I feel inspired I write notes in my planner or my phone if I happened to forget the planner. But that happens on rare occasions. To me it is also very important that no one walks around me whilst I am writing a post, so I usually limit my writing to late hours or simply when I know no one is around. I never really went to a coffee shop or somewhere similar to write because: A) I share my laptop (that has seen better days) with my mother, so I prefer my PC and B) because nobody does that where I live and I guess people don’t find that normal. I totally understand why someone would go to a coffee shop and write, but people in my town are very judgemental and still look at laptops as robots.

So, that will be it for today’s writing101 assignment, nothing special as I already said. Now you can answer the poll down below!


SO GOOD BYE FOR NOW, MY FRIENDS (if anyone is even reading)