Writing and fighting

As a writer, or whatever you want to call someone like me, I found sitting down and writing a post a very special thing. I love writing even if I know I am going to write a page and delete it. I love to press these letters even if I don’t have any idea what to write about. The feeling of inspiration striking and the gathering of your thought as you write is probably one of the best feelings ever.

I don’t know if everyone here understands that these sit down and just write post, I exclusively write for myself and if you enjoy it that is a plus, but you liking it isn’t a necessary goal of mine. I am not trying to be that entertaining or amusing. I am quite literally having a conversation with myself in written form and choose to publish it for you I miss you a littleto read if that is something you want. Of course I am pleased when people like and comment my posts, and when my words get read, don’t take it the wrong way.

I also think that this way you get quality content and you get to understand something about the way I think, it rather is an intimate thing to share. At the end of the day I am picking my own post topics and I should be the one who is proud of this text you are reading.

Today, therefore, I decided to write about being young and “stupid”, how the media and grown ups perceive the future generations. I got inspiration for this just yesterday when I remembered the word that were once said to me, not so long ago.

Well, someone older said to me and one of my friends: You young people are just rebels without a right cause, you want everything to be the way you think it should be and the other way is wrong. What was said isn’t that bad or far away from the truth when you take it out of the context, but let me show you why was this sentence said to make you understand what I am trying to talk about today.

We were discussing gender roles, feminism and homophobia with someone twice our age who is also a female (important for the rest of the text, not trying to imply anything else). These words were said after me and my friend stated how women are not payed the same, they are discriminated and have a harder time to gain the deserved respect. They  were also said on the topic of gay marriage as something that should be normal and a constitutional right.

If you have been following my work for some time you know how passionate I am about those topics. I am opinionated and vocal, but understanding in a way that I do not try to make someone understand me or what I am standing for. However I deserve and ask for some respect, and I am not going to have it any other way. Of course the “other side” does the complete opposite, this time trying to convince me that there is nothing to do there, it is how it’s been for years and how it clearly should be. That is why I am standing against every single word said in that opening sentence. That is why I am talking about this today.

That person tried to tell me to stop fighting for something I believe in, for something that so many other great people do. She told me to give up. She told me to “grow up”. But I will say this right away, if giving up on humanity,on equality and fighting for what’s good means growing up, I wish never to grow up. If it means to be smaller, to forget, to shut up and watch all of these things happening without doing anything, I am here forward promising that I won’t grow up. Never, in that way.



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Guest post: Equality

Hi! Let me introduce myself! I am Annie. I’m a 21-year-old psychology student. It’s a pleasure to publish my writing on Magdalena’s blog.
You might think I’m just a girl who lives in her lice little world doing her makeup and suff as mainly that’s what I write about on my blog.
However, I’m not ignorant towards the problems out world faces everyday. As much as I enjoy talking about my favourite eyeshadow palette, I believe we should never keep quiet about issues like inequality.
I hope you’ll enjoy this little piece that I wrote and I’m sure more of this kind of writing will be featured on my blog page. 

As a straight white woman I can say that I’m privileged. I’ve never been bullied, I’ve always had everything I needed to live a stable life. However I come across discrimination on a daily basis. Just like everyone else in the world. The problem is that most of the people just ignore it when they aren’t the ones the discrimination is towards. Just imagine this situation: you’re just chilling with your friends and one of them says a homophobic/racist/ anti-female comment, everyone laughs at it.You know deep down that what they’re saying is not great, but will you do anything about it? Will you take the time and effort to try to convince them that what they’re saying is horrible? Probably not.Because it’s easier to avoid conflict.It’s easier to accept that that’s just the way they are. I was like that all my life, so I’m not judging you. But a few months ago I decided that I’m gonna stand up for myself in any situation that violates the values I represent. Even if it means that your friends look at you in a weird way and don’t understand why are you being “so dramatic”.


The truth is a lot of people don’t even think about others and what they are going through. They’re just living their fucking privileged lives making comments about people based on their skin, sexuality, religion. But does these things really matter? I just literally don’t understand. Just WHY do people have to be such assholes? I could cry every time I think about what some people experience everyday.I believe it’s hard enough for them to realise that they’re different from most of the people without being made fun of and being called in disgusting names.

Last year’s election had a bigger impact on me than I’d thought it would. If you voted for Trump I can’t understand you, I just can’t. It’s not about being uninformed. It’s not about your political views. It’s about choosing to be ignorant about discrimination. It’s about choosing a racist, homophobic, anti-female person to be in the most powerful position in America. I’m not angry with Americans, I’m just disappointed in humanity. I’m not American, one of my distant relatives lives there, but I don’t have direct contact with America. Although, I still cried for days after the election. Then I realized it’s not the way to deal with it. You have to find faith in humanity again and believe that with an open heart and with kindness YOU can make a change. Even if it just means trying to convince someone racist/homophobic/etc. in your surroundings that what they’re thinking is not okay. Start tomorrow, make YOUR voice heard, stand up for yourself and for EVERYONE who’s being oppressed!

Thank you all for reading Annie’s post and thank you Annie for doing this with me! Go and check out her blog and be nice enough to follow her and leave some comments. Here is a link to her blog where you will soon find my post on equality!

Now if anyone else is interested in doing a guest post on my blog, or doing a trade like me and Annie did please do contact me on any social media of your liking. The links, as usual, are bellow!


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I am never getting married?

I never thought that I will ever be a significant part of someone’s life. Marriage has always been a taboo topic for me, since I have no real opinion about it. Maybe you will like to know why (maybe you won’t), if you do keep reading.

As a self-proclaimed realist and a logical person with memory and intelligence based on the visual I have always learned things by observing. I haven’t seen a good example of a marriage growing up, not ever. My mother is a single mother since I was one, my grandfather died a few years after my father and other marriages in my family weren’t a good enough example for me to consider marriage in a way that most people do. Also I had trouble imagining my life spent with only one person, not that I want to publicize polygamy, I just find that after some time there isn’t really much things that you don’t know about eachother. It’s crazy how little opinion an opinionated person can have about such a huge topic. I am well aware that people change people, that with meeting a new person we learn something new. As a woman and a feminist I hate the traditional thought of a woman being man’s property especially since men aren’t my only interest. It is so funny how we think we have surpassed some obstacles in this modern life, how they call it, but men are still superior. But, let’s get back to marriage, no more digresion! I never ment to say that I will never get married, maybe there will come a time. There is not such thing as absolute truth, ergo there is no right answer to any question ,even to the one concerning marriage.


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SO GOOD BYE FOR NOW, MY FRIENDS (if anyone is even reading)

Why I am not sorry

I was very inspired to write this post thanks to
Look Through My Lens, so please check hers out!

We, people, seem to apologize for all sorts of things that we shouldn’t apologize for. And by that the word sorry reduces in its meaning. So today I decided to write some things I am not sorry about.

I am not sorry about being myself and showing the world who I really am.

I am not sorry about being a feminist and for believing in equal rights.

I am not sorry about how I express myself on this blog, because I have freedom to write whatever I want since it is my property.

I am not sorry about being an introvert and needing time to recharge my batteries every now and then.

I am not sorry about spending my time online, whether that is on tumblr, youtube or other blogs, because that is a way for me to learn something new by relaxing.

I am not sorry about not wearing any makeup on my days off, and I am certainly not sorry about how I look.

I am not sorry about things and people I love.

I am not sorry about believing in what I believe, or not believing in something I don’t.

I am not sorry about saying what I mean.

I am not sorry about mistakes that I made that had affected only me.

I am not sorry about spoiling myself a little.

I am not sorry about taking a break when I need one.

I am not sorry about avoiding stress and stressful people.

I am not sorry about being anxious and having anxiety.


 SO GOOD BYE FOR NOW, MY FRIENDS (if anyone is even reading)