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As the month of December is coming up, so are the various advent seasons in cities all around Europe. Since I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to go to Germany, I guess I can bring you some of the Christmas feelings from Munich in photos.


Pep shopping centre. Well, first of all, this was the first time I saw a Christmas tree made up solely from ornaments, so that was cool. And also, Primark! Yes, did some damage there…

English Garden with the Chinese tower was the first Christmas market kind of thing we visited. Took a lot of photos there, here are just a few that give the vibe of the place, I especially loved the old carousel, therefore my dramatic looking photo. Also, we (my boyfriend and I) ate chocolate covered grapes, weird but nice combo. 

Marienplatz is the central square of Munich, so the centre od their Christmas market and the heart of turist sightseeing tours. All of that comes to form a very crowded place where taking a photo is very difficult, but when you are determined to make your boyriend suffer until at least one good photo is made you come up with some usable photage. Thank you 😉 

Odeonsplatz is another big square in Munich, just a few minutes walking away from Marienplatz, but surely a lot less crowded, heaven for taking photos. Also, it is close to a Starbucks where we got a winter special in their cute Christmas cups. 

Well, going to an all you can eat Asian restaurant isn’t really a Christmasy and/or a bavarian thing to do, but it certainly is fitting after a day of endless walks over the town and into several public transport choices Munich has to offer. Sushi and seafood certainly are my comfort food, whereas my boyfriend was more set on “real” meat. 

Yes, that’s all. A quick where have I been update thourgh photos. Next Christmas post coming up Thursday or Friday, until then check out my insta for more of my content. 




Expensive italian food

In response to Daily post’s weekly photo challenge!


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Getting into the Christmas vibe #3

So for today I have something short but sweet (literally)! Here are some Christmas cookie decoration I will use as inspiration for decorating my cookies (if they turn all right I will probably post a pic on instagram, so be sure to follow me there, link down below).















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Mood board for August


I have been doing mood boards for a few months, but last month I started with the new concept of giving some information about what I did that month that is connected with this photos (that I rebloged onto my Tumblr, if you want to check it out it’s girlonfire-youtube-lover) and people seemed to like it so I’m going to stick to that.

I got more into wearing skirts and heels this month since it’s summer so I am going out more.
I think I never told you but I have a dog and his name is Sparky.
This month I have been really concentrated on the post I did for WeWork, so I have been searching for all kinds of interior design ideas.
Only thing I look forward to for the back to school season is looking for new notebooks and planners.
For the rest of the year I decided to get back to eating a lot of fruits and vegetables and a healthier diet.
My photos are taken from my Iphone 6 which is in colour Space grey if anyone is interested.
Since I cut my hair short (yes, it is an Ruby Rose inspired hairdo but I’ll do a post about it I think somewhere next month) I really want to get my ears pierced.
The eyeshadow colours I use the most are the nude, brown sparkly colours because they complement my eye colour very well.
When I was little I wanted to learn how to play piano so badly. I actually know the whole song Grenade from Bruno Mars on the synthesizer.

That’s it for this month, I hope you enjoyed it and that you look forward for the next one as much as I surely do.

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Pink Smoothie Recipe

Today I am doing something different, also something I wanted to do
for a while now. This is my recipe for a Pink Smoothie.

First the ingredients:
2 small bananas or 1 large banana
4 or 5 frozen strawberries
1 kiwi
1 shot glass of milk (or more if you want a less thick consistency)
1 shot glass of yogurt
1 hand grip of oats
1 piece of chocolate
some cappuccino

What is important to know about mixing all this into a smoothie is to always put harder ingredients on the top. So first throw a sliced kiwi into your glass (or mixer, depending on a machine your using) then add your bananas. After that add strawberries, preferably frozen, but if you don’t have frozen ones just put a cube or two of ice, it should do the same. Then put one shot glass of yogurt, I used one with pineapple slices in it, but greek yogurt would work too since it is thick enough. On top of that put your oats which are great for you because they will give you enough energy (especially if you are making a breakfast smoothie) and sprinkle them with some cappuccino or coffee, whatever you like the most. Now it comes the most important ingredient – milk. Milk helps the blades work better so your ingredients could be mixed better. If you have a sweet tooth add some honey or a piece of chocolate like I did.


Now you are ready for some mixing!  I recommend to wait about 2 minutes for it too finish, but you know your machinery better than I do. 😉

IMG_5716And that’s all. You have a well-balanced, healthy meal/drink ready in just about 5 minutes!



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