Sunday Review: I love… Coconut & Cream products 

Today I am reviewing I love… Coconut & Cream moisturizing body
lotion as well as bubble bath and shower cream. 


Recently, for my birthday, I got these two products as a gift. When I first saw them I was delighted that I got them. Untill today that feeling hasn’t changed. The I love… cosmetics has a huge range of different flavours, but my friends knew that I really wanted the coconut one because I adore the aroma of it especially in bath related products. What I love the most about these products is that they are Paraben Free, pH Balanced and most importantly not tested on animals. 

I have to admit that the price here in Croatia is a bit expensive (about £5) , but on I love…Cometics site I have seen that there they are only £2,99 which is, I think, quite a reasonable price when you have in mind that the bubble bath and shower cream has 500 ml. Also the consistency of the products are thick so you don’t have to use a lot of it.

All in all, both products are great and I highly recommend you to buy them. If you live in UK they are available in your local Superdrug.

Rate: 4,5/5

SO GOOD BYE FOR NOW, MY FRIENDS (if anyone is even reading)

Sunday Review: Mini Lush and Body Shop Haul

This Sunday on Sunday Review I’ll be doing something different. From the title you can see that this is going to be a mini haul, so if you are up for that then keep reading.


I got this Body Shop Atlas Mountain Rose set for Christmas and instantly became obsessed with it. I adore roses and this scent is not like other ones that don’t really smell like roses. It’s like you are bathing in a bath full of rose petals. In it you get body lotion, shower gel, body mist and a loofah.


I know that probably everyone’s’ favourite lush bath bomb is this one called Twilight so I decided to try it out. Firstly the colour of the bath was amazing and the sparkles are a lovely touch, but what I liked to most was the scent of lavender which I love because it reminds me of my childhood.

This is the Drummers Drumming and it’s a reusable  bubble bar. It has two sides,one (yellow) is citrus scent and the other one (pink) smells like strawberry, more specifically like the D’Fluff range from Lush. Also those little bells are so cute, and they are making the name of this product perfect.


Rose Jam Bubbleroon had that scent of a rose that I already told you I love. Also I love that it’s macaroon shape makes it easy to use two times, and I have already used it once so in this picture you are only seeing half of the actual product.


And this is a little bonus product. It’s a heart-shaped bar for your bath. It smells like pomegranate and  cranberries. They are pretty tiny so I recommend you to use it with something like a lush bath bomb, I have used one with the Twilight bomb and they completed each other perfectly.

SO GOOD BYE FOR NOW, MY FRIENDS (if anyone is even reading)

Sunday Review: Formula 10.0.6. Mud Mask

Today on Sunday Review I am reviewing Pores Be Pure skin-clarifying mud mask for Formula 10.0.6.


A few months ago, I had a problem with my skin breaking out more than usual, so I went to look for a good face mask. Then I stumbled upon this product and decided to first try this tester version in which you get two packets of 5 g. I used the first packet, applying it twice since it had enough for both times and immediately I have seen the difference in my skin in just a week. My skin was softer and smoother, so I went and bought the full size product and I have been using it for about 3 months now. My skin cleared out entirely in about a month, which is amazing. I use it mostly two times a week for about 10-15 minutes as it says. It isn’t messy like some other face masks I have previously used, and certainly it isn’t as expensive as them since it is a drugstore product.

Only down side to this product is that sometimes it is difficult to wash off, but with some cotton balls and a little of pressing that is solved easily.


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