What about pain?

Does the best art come from the worst pain?

If my mind is clearer than tell me,
why do these letters feel heavier to write?

I am thinking more rationally, aren’t I? 
Then why to I despise everything I write?

If love describes my life, 
why does fear reek from my art? 

Tell me why do I feel incompetent
without my pain, my crazy?

How can it define me, 
how can it be this visible?

Am I me without pain?

Am I an artist, a writer? 
Without pain! 


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London Fashion and Beauty Haul

Like I mentioned in my previous blog posts, I got an opportunity to go to London in October, so I did go. As most of you (probably everyone) already know, London is a city of great culture and sights, but what I wanted to talk about today is fashion. London is one of the fashion capitals and of course I did some shopping while I was there, so right now I am going to show you some pieces I got for myself.

fotografija 5

My favourite black jeans actually ripped sometime while I was on the
airplane, so I of course needed to buy new pair and I stumbled upon
these. They look and feel like they are leather but actually they are
cotton black jeans. I bought them at Topshop for £42.

fotografija 2

You always need at least one little black dress in your closet, so I bought
one. This one is beautiful, it is a little above knee length and it has two
little see-through parts that somehow sinches you in the waist. I
am probably going to wear this dress on New Years Eve, and
maybe show you how it all looked. Also it wasn’t expensive
at all, just £13.50 at Forever Twenty-One.

fotografija 3

I am obsessed with this shirt. Ever since I came back I have been wearing
it like crazy. The colour is really different, some type of pale pink
with a lot of small (barely visible) grey dots. Also the collar
and the extra white part makes it look like it’s actually
a shirt over blouse. For only £10 at Primark.

fotografija 4

This skirt with flower details is gorgeous. The materials and quality
are great. Little black lace part has some kind of design on it so
it looks more interesting. It was a bit pricey, but definitely
worth it. £32 at Urban Outfitters

fotohugrafija 3

I’m a huge Potterhead, so I had to get something to represent my love for
the series. So I decided to get these two separate pieces of clothing.
First I got the pyjama bottoms for £10 and I started to look for a
t-shirt and I came to this grey one you see on the picture. You
see, my original idea for the t-shirt was to wear it as a pyjama
top, but after some thinking I decided to wear it as an actual
t-shirt, although I don’t know what is it’s actual purpose.
To quit the babbling the shirt was only £6, and both,
bottoms and t-shirt, were purchased in Primark.

fotografz9iuija 2

Also as a love contribution for the series I bought this red
cropped shirt at the Camden market for £15, but I guess
you can bargain for a cheaper price, I did not even try
to, because to get this where I come from I would
have to pay as double as I did in Camden.

fotohggrafija 1

When mentioning Camden and Harry Potter series, I also
bought this pendant necklace with an well-know Harry
Potter quote and I was surprised to pay only £5 for it.

fotogruiafija 5

I needed a new backpack since my old one was falling
into pieces so I was delighted to see this beauty in a
Schuh store. It combines feminine and masculine
sides with flower details and pleather, so I
instantly fell in love with it. £45

fotografija 1

My first wish when I came to Oxford Street in London,
was to find an absolute beautiful pair of black cut-out
boots, and these were so much more than I expected.
They where £45, in Schuh. And I was also surprised
to find they are extremely comfortable, and the
heel is at least good 6 cm which is a big plus.

fotograguzfija 3

So, of course I would go to Lush, since in my town we
don’t have one. And when I was in London, Lush just
started selling their Christmas collection, so I had
to get a few pieces. I got this lip scrub for £5.50
and I absolutely love how it tastes.

fotografdfija 5

Speaking of Lush, I also got some shaving soap
for £5.75 and it’s amazing, I will definitely be
repurchasing it. Also here on the picture you
can see the Christmas special snowman
shower jelly which I got for £3.50.


I went to Superdrug, because I forgot some of my
essential makeup pieces and there I picked up
this Revolution makeup palette and it was
on sale for £6, so I was very pleased.

fotogrzo8afija 4

When I saw Zoe (better known as Zoella) is
launching her collection just one day
before I am arriving, I was so happy.
So I of course bought this cute
makeup bag/pencil case for
£10 at Superdrug.

fotograjfijba 1

I have seen this concealer in so many Youtube
videos, so I decided to try it, and boy was I
glad that I did so. This is the best concealer
I have ever had that I didn’t spend a small
fortune on. Only £5.50 at Superdrug.

fotogrhgikafija 2

Perfect dark purple shade mat lipstick.
It stays forever and looks amazing.
This  shade is Call me Queen Bee
and I bought at Topshop for £8.

I know it has been forever since I came home from London, but I didn’t have that many time on my hands to properly make this post, so it’s up pretty late, but it’s still up.
I just wanted to say that I am so glad I got to go to London and see its culture, fashion and livelihood and to say I really enjoyed writting this post. And to admonish that this post not me bragging about my experience, it is about me sharing my experience with you. I hope I’ll do more hauls in the future. 😉

SO GOOD BYE FOR NOW, MY FRIENDS (if anyone is even reading)

Drunk Big Ben


This weeks challenge on Daily Post is refraction.

This picture was took by accident on my first day in London. The way the lights bend with figures of people and buildings around, just gave me an inspiration to keep expressing myself through this side of art. Honestly, I have to say that London and its atmosphere have been such an opportunity for me to enjoy so much and find myself in an whole new world. I don’t want to say anything more, because if you look at this photo cautiously, you’ll understand me more and I hope you’ll be inspired too.

Waking up in a big town


This weeks photo challenge on The Daily Post is DREAMY and since me being in London has been like a dream and also a dream come true I decided to participate in it.

Waking up in a big town and going out into unknown can be scary but it also contributes to finding out amazing things, new people, great experiences. This photo I took in front of The British Museum in London where I spent hours and hours going through history of mankind.

I know that I indeed mainly am a fashion blogger but I also have a significant love of writing, which I already addressed, but now you have found out that I also love photography. I don’t want to put myself in a box and stay there and this post is proving that (I hope so). 

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New beginnings (What a cliché?)

I guess if you are reading is you somehow made it to my blog and you’re reading the first post I ever wrote. That is a fact so you should probably ignore the I guess in the beginning of this paragraph. (Just casually saying, knowing that you already did that

I am not very good at beginnings, or endings on the same note. Actually I’m not really sure I am even good at anything at all, but that is something just I should worry about.
Just a look at this blank white space that I need to fill up with words coming from my mind is kind of scaring me, but still words are flowing on it’s own, yet nothing seem so make sence.

This is going to be the part where I explain what is this blog even about. (So you can skip the part where I just babble to myself.)

I wanted a platform where I can express myself by writing and through something I very much love to do. And that will be fashion. When it comes to fashion it’s good to be a little bit weird and a lot different then others, because things that set you appart are the things that make you YOU, if you get what I mean.
From now on this site is going to be a place where I can just show everyone who I am in just words, and simply my fashion style. 

SO GOOD BYE FOR NOW, MY FRIENDS (if anyone is even reading)