Mental illness and mental health


    Mental illness, or also known as a mental disorder is a topic that has been getting more media coverage in the last decade, but when it comes to the solution and general knowledge the “invisible” problem of all mental illnesses we did not really come that far. The words that best describe the circumstances of why it is important to dispute about mental illness and mental health are the words from Director-General of WHO: “Mental health has been hidden behind a curtain of stigma and discrimination for too long. It is time to bring it out into the open.”  (2003:3)  This essay will, therefore, try to address the problem and break the stigma that surrounds mental illness by trying to present importance of mental health to our everyday lives.

   The biggest misunderstandings and stigma about mental illness are due to the fact that it is not a visible sickness, a person can have depression, anxiety etc. and on the first look seem healthy and well. That is, why when dealing with mental illnesses, we have to be extra cautious to actually recognize signs of particular disorders. The importance of this lays in prevention and a lot of it has to do with suicide prevention, especially if we are talking about depression. Suicide prevention sometimes has more to do with people surrounding the person than experts in the psychology field since quite often patients do not ask for help directly and this is where the education about mental illnesses is crucial and to know about it means to talk about it, without stigma.

    In this day and age, it seems that mental health comes as a low priority on everyone’s lists, but to lead a healthy life the concept of mental health needs to be taken into the equation as one of the key factors. The World Health Organization defined mental health as:  “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. ” (2003:7) They also stress the importance of levelling the scales between physical and mental scale, something that the world is not thinking about enough. Mental health affects the whole society, not only those who have it impaired and that is why awareness about this situation is needed and some actions should be taken immediately.

   On the topic of prevention and education, we can also talk about preventing mental illnesses altogether. For example, training teachers and parents to recognize potential problems has proven to be effective in prevention (WHO, 2003). Depression is one of the most common mental disorders, affecting around 340 million people all over the world (WHO, 2004) and solely for that reason educating about positive thinking and improving problem-solving skills can better a lot of lives, as well as save them.

    In conclusion, mental illness is a universal problem that has been surrounded by stigma and not treated as a proper illness, when compared to physical illnesses. Mental health is a key factor in leading a healthy life and promoting it needs to be a measure taken by public institutions like schools which will lead to breaking the stigma of mental illness.



World Health Organization, Preventing Mental Disorders: Effective Interventions and Policy Options, Summary Report, (2004) France

World Health Organization, Investing in Mental Health, (2003) Nove Impressions, Switzerland

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I’ve got some explaining to do…

It has been 2 months since my last post, I don’t think it has ever been that long without a post since I started this blog and I just got a message that today is the 3rd anniversary of me creating it. Well, I really do have some explaining to do but I am not going to go into great details.

I feel like no matter how long have you been with me or with my blog I owe an explanation, even though I do not really think anyone really cares. Past 2 months have really been full with so much stress and loosing and finding my spirit on and on. I cannot explain things without context and I cannot give context because it is about my personal life (a bit too personal). Now let’s talk about stuff I can talk about.

First stressor I have encountered was me trying to enroll into a college. It really was a rocky road, but now when I look back at it there was no place for panicking or even being stressed about but stress is in my blood. Since I decided to stay in Croatia to continue my education I had no idea what to go for because I thought there was no way I could do what I wanted here. But as it turns out I can, and even though I wasn’t really happy with the college I got in at first now I know it is actually just the thing I wanted for as long as I can remember. This fall I am an official student of anthropology and Italian studies.

Other news, my work is both stressful and stress relieving in a way.  I also kind of lost an important person in my life, maybe lost isn’t a good description of the situation but will go with it. The good thing is that I am trying to get out of it all stronger. I am learning to put myself first or at least on a bit more important place than I am now. I am hopelessly trying to save myself and it might look like I am running away from everything I am dealing with the devil in me the best way I know and I can. This whole situation left me more anxious than ever and I am having, again, at least one panic attack a week and my head is so messed up that I cannot even decide what to eat and especially write something worth reading.

That is all I have to say right now. I have no idea when the next post will be but I will think about doing some photography posts to start up again. Goodbye, I’ll hopefully see you in my next post!


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Why am I weird?

I am what society would probably judge as a weird person, so let’s go and see why.

This is more of a joke post, something I would find funny and entertaining to read. And I am not saying that YOU are a weird person for doing these things below, because in my opinion there isn’t such thing as normal person or normal anything for that matter. There are just common and uncommon things.

  1. Whenever I see a candle I have to feel the heat of it, there is just something hypnotizing in it for me.
  2. I have a great memory, but I cannot memorize people’s names.
  3. Shopping is therapy, but only when you are doing it with the right crowd.
  4. I am writing song lyrics everywhere, but then I forget about them ever existing.
  5. I hate when I know the word in english, italian or latin but cannot remember it on my mother tongue.
  6. I love wearing bow ties, but I don’t wear them often because I think people will think I’m weird.
  7. I am obsessed with memorizing the names of lipsticks and nail polishes. Not the brand, but the colour for example Brick Lame lipstick from L’Oreal.
  8. I buy clothes with having an idea how to style them but put of the actual styling part for months, even years.
  9. I either cannot fall asleep or cannot get out of the sleep haze when I wake up.
  10. I have good intuition but usually don’t listen to it.
  11. I collect theatre and movie tickets.
  12. I have a lot of jewelery, and I only wear like 5 pieces. But I still like to buy more.
  13. I eat cheese with ketchup on it.
  14. I can literally mix all sorts of food. Salty and sweet, sweet and sour etc.
  15. My bookshelf always seems to be too little for my book collection even though I expand it.
  16. On my nightstand there are currently 3 books which I am reading.
  17. I don’t have to drink a lot of water, sometime I even forget to drink it all day, which is really bad for you may I say.
  18. It’s hard for me to admit that I am wrong, even in the smallest things.
  19. I either don’t read books at all, or read a few of them in a week. (I love reading btw.)
  20. Personally I consider myself a realist, but everyone says I am a pessimist.

SO GOOD BYE FOR NOW, MY FRIENDS (if anyone is even reading)