What is wrong with this world

Write a post about any topic you wish, but make sure it ends with “And all was right in the world.”

I don’t know why but when I just read this prompt on The Daily Post I first thought of everything that was wrong with this world, so that is what I am going to talk about today.

We live in a world that seems to be more accepting then it was before, but wherever I look I see inequality, judgment and hate. From as long as I can remember I always considered hate an emotion that should not be human, in a way that love and perhaps anger is. Hate is the one thing that does no good and serves no purpose (or so I think). Judgment is also funny, we all seem to despise it when it’s directed towards us but still have it against everyone else in our life, even to that women that you just saw walking towards you wearing a tie. And now we come to maybe, one of the most important problem of the world today. Inequality.

I was just talking about it today with my friend, since we somehow get on that topic every time we talk because it literally everywhere. I said to her that I always considered people who are hateful to those around themselves that are different from they are, less intelligent people. That is maybe a harsh thing to say but I look at it this way. Anyone who has at least a little bit of intelligence should understand that there is nothing that can make someone less or more valuable than me, regarding their sex, religion, sexuality,race etc. And especially when it comes to sexuality I don’t understand people who are homophobic because how can you hate someone for loving a person? It is just confusing to me. Also involving God and religion in it is crazy. I refuse to believe in a God people think tells them that gay people are sick, that trans people should be pressured into being who they are not. I refuse to believe that hate is a human feeling that we were born with.

And all was right in the world. (Or so we like to think.)

I know this is a difficult topic to talk about and that it is completely different from anything I have every posted, but I would like to keep posting stuff like this because it indeed is really important, and by writing this post I never wanted to offend anyone I was just expressing my personal opinion, not judging yours.

SO GOOD BYE FOR NOW, MY FRIENDS (if anyone is even reading)

My Style

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Style Icon.”

So todays assignment on blogging101 is to use one of the Daily Post prompts and make it your own, and I chose the Style Icon prompt which says: “Describe your personal style, however you’d like to interpret that — your clothing style, your communication style, your hair style, your eating style, anything.”
So I am going to do that.

 So today I wanted to talk about my clothing/fashion style.
I would call it minimalistic chic if I could give it a name. My wardrobe is very dear to me and it is mostly filled with black, and grey which really aren’t colours but they work for me. You know how they say that a person who cannot wear an all black outfit is weak (or so I heard)? I agree with that and I want to add that all black outfit make me feel extremely powerful and elegant without making me stand out in a bright colour or sparkles (that is only for accessories). If I really had to pick an outfit to represent me it would have to be my long-sleeved shirt that I bought from Primark, and my TopShop black skinny jeans with long black cardigan from BooHoo and of course my black cut out boots from Schuh.

fotografija 3fotografija 5fotografija 1

I also like accessorizing a lot. Also I collect rings and now I have about 50 of them which sound really crazy, but it’s true. I believe that you cannot live without jewelry and I mostly use gold because it looks amazing on black.


Me in my all black outfit for New Years Eve

I rarely wear dresses like this because I don’t feel very confident when I’m in them but sometimes on occasions like NYE or weddings I feel like they are appropriate. This one is from Forever 21 and I paired it with a gold statement necklace so something pops out. Also over it I wore my green coat with golden buttons that I got from a local store.

I feel like this is enough about my fashion sence for now, so I’ll just go and if you have some questions or comments leave them down below in the comment section and I will answer it all.

SO GOOD BYE FOR NOW, MY FRIENDS (if anyone is even reading)

Sunday Review: Maybelline The Rocket Volum’ Express mascara

So, I have been ignoring the hype about the Maybelline Rocket mascara since it came out, because I already had so much mascaras that I didn’t even use, but then something happened.

For Christmas I got some discount coupons for some beauty products and one of them was for Maybelline Rocket mascara, so I said why not and I bought it. Ever since then I have been using it every single day. It so amazing and I like it better than my previous favourite L’Oreal Paris Voluminous which is saying a lot.

It really makes your eyelashes so long and black that it almost looks like you are wearing false eyelashes, but it leaves no clumps at all which is the most important thing in mascara for me, personally. I cannot even find a down side of it. I will definitely recommend it to anyone who wants long, voluminous lashes without clumps since it is very inexpensive comparing to some other mascaras I have had before. 

Rate: 5/5

SO GOOD BYE FOR NOW, MY FRIENDS (if anyone is even reading)

My Dream Reader

So, todays blogging101 assignment is to write to our dream reader, but with a new element, so today I’m just going to post a few photos without any writing except for this of course, and my signature end.




An Vitrage in Tower of London

A Vitrage in Tower of London


St Paul’s Cathedral

Me in the glass door of Tate Modern

Me in the glass door of Tate Modern


Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

Millenium Bridge and St Paul's Cathedral

Millenium Bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral


SO GOOD BYE FOR NOW, MY FRIENDS (if anyone is even reading)

Drunk Big Ben


This weeks challenge on Daily Post is refraction.

This picture was took by accident on my first day in London. The way the lights bend with figures of people and buildings around, just gave me an inspiration to keep expressing myself through this side of art. Honestly, I have to say that London and its atmosphere have been such an opportunity for me to enjoy so much and find myself in an whole new world. I don’t want to say anything more, because if you look at this photo cautiously, you’ll understand me more and I hope you’ll be inspired too.